Homeschooling Quote:

“I homeschool because I’ve seen the village, and I don’t want it raising my kids.”

Way back in 2009, when I first started this blog, I used to publish a quickly-typed homeschool inspirational quote every week.  (Sigh… don’t look for them… stupid me deleted them ALL, and I really regret it!)  Anyway, back then, Pinterest didn’t exist and Facebook was still pretty new, so I would just type a quote, hit “Publish,” and be done.

Now, I’m beginning to get the hang of creating free printables for my blogging friends, and I hope to find the time to start making them here too.  For now, I figured I could practice my graphics skills by bringing you a weekly quote to print out and stick on your fridge (or even frame it!) if you decide you like it too.

Homeschooling Quote #1: “I’ve Seen the Village”

I’ve seen this one everywhere, and when I get tired of homeschooling and I secretly daydream about to sending my children off to public school and daycare, I remind myself of this reason for homeschooling.  I truly have seen the village – I’ve worked in “the best” public schools and also in “5-star” preschools, and I’ve seen things that make me not ever want to put my own children there.  So this quote will go on my fridge, especially this week as my daughter and I are struggling to prepare for her Classical Conversations “Memory Masters” testing this week, LOL.

Click the image to download a larger size suitable for printing.