I am glad to introduce you to a homeschool family-owned product that I’m proud to promote, a really great set of liquid chalk markers that can be useful for writing on all kinds of various surfaces, labeling school supplies, handwriting practice, and just about anything you can think up for use. Keep reading this sponsored post to learn more about Homeschool Henry brand liquid chalk markers!

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“Homeschool Henry is a new brand designed to take the expense out of homeschool products. Run by husband and wife team it all started when we saw a tongue and cheek poster on a homeschooling site which said, “we’ve seen the village and we don’t want it teaching our children”! This made us laugh because we felt the same. As children, we both had high giftedness and needed simplicity, efficiency, time to contemplate and think at deep levels and time to create. After discussing this we began to look into the market, it was like a maze. Complicated, difficult, expensive.

To people like us who look at complicated things and are naturally able to take the chaos out of it, we thought one word…hectic. The village was selling the homeschool market its products. It all looked wrong.

We decided we’d start to clean up the market with common sense. We created our first product based on efficiency, ease, frugality, use and safety. Chalk is a hazard to children that have allergies. It’s messy, unclear, it’s a pest! We invented our own safe long lasting liquid chalk markers that can be used on almost any surface.

Many liquid chalk markers are not safe, not Eco-friendly and not useable on every type of chalkboard. Please see our product details below. We are currently a premium marker at the cheapest price on Amazon.com recommended retail price $23.99 our price $8.96. So grab yourself a safe, cheap, very useful homeschool product. We hope you like it!”


~Homeschool Henry Brand Team