The ideas in this homeschool Easter Unit Study are largely based around Resurrection Eggs and will provide hours of fun for your homeschool family.

Homeschool Easter Unit Study

Homeschool Easter Unit Study

Easter is a fun-filled holiday for kids. With all the excitement of egg decorating, Easter Baskets brought by a giant rabbit, and Easter egg hunts at the local park, it’s easy for kids to forget the real reason for the holiday. This Unit Study is designed to help them remember that the real reason behind all the frivolity and fun is the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection, and the promise this means for us all!

I hope you enjoy this FREE homeschool unit study, including resources based on the popular “Resurrection Eggs” set. We love this set at our house, and so I found a bunch of printables, activities, crafts, recipes, and resources for your family to share.

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I based this unit study on the wonderful Resurrection Eggs – 12-Piece Easter Egg Set. My family loves these!

Easter Printables

Delicious and Fun Easter Recipes

Leftover Easter Candy Recipes

After Easter has ended you are bound to find yourself with a lot of Easter candy. If you’re looking for ideas on how to deal with that leftover candy then you’ve come to the right place. Each recipe is fun to create with the kids and will surely keep the kids smiling.

Creative Easter Crafts

Secular Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is a wonderful time to gather the children around your dining room table to partake in craft time. Are you looking for fun ways to decorate Easter eggs? It’s fun to get creative with these ideas. Surely you’ll be able to find one for everyone.

Do you have resurrection eggs for Easter? How do you use them to tell the Easter story? Do you know of any other Easter activities or crafts that can be done to add to this unit study? Please share!

More Homeschool Easter Unit Study Ideas

The Story of Easter for Kids - a Christian Worldview

The Story of Easter

Homeschool Easter Unit Study