Curriculum Reviews

From time to time, I like to share curriculum reviews with my readers. Usually, it’s a curriculum, brand or publisher that I’ve tried and really liked. Since I have a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, I try to keep in mind the educational value of the curricula I share with my readers. Here are some of the curriculum and things I’ve tried myself over the years with my three children.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews - Frugal Homeschooling Mom

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

I don’t think my Master’s degree makes me any better of a teacher than anyone else. But I do have a little bit of training under my belt that helps me evaluate curriculum. The things that I learned in graduate school, in the public school classroom, and as a homeschool mom on a very tight budget, all of which help me make my curriculum decisions are factors like:

  • How does a curriculum plan cover the steps for each learning task from year to year?
  • What varying methods/styles of teaching does the program include for different learning styles and abilities?
  • How easy is a curriculum choice able to be used across multiple ages?
  • What are the morality/worldviews of the publisher?
  • How likely is this curriculum to last for multiple years reused with multiple children?
  • How accessible are the replacement pages or consumable texts?
  • What is the publisher’s policy about reselling the materials when a family is finished with them?
  • Will the curriculum fit the family’s educational style and homeschool philosophy?


In my curriculum reviews, I try to look closely at homeschool curriculum choices and find what’s best for my own family, but also consider what would best help my readers: frugal homeschooling moms with families on a tight budget. I hope you enjoy them!

what math curriculum is the best s

What Math Curriculum is the Best for Frugal Families on a Budget?

Perhaps you may be wondering what math curriculum is the best? Well, one sponsor of The Frugal Homeschooling Mom blog wants to let you know of an option that is definitely the best for frugal families! The following is written by Vinod Agrawal, on behalf of A+ Interactive Math curriculum ...
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game that can be used to teach financial literacy

New Game that Can be Used to Teach Financial Literacy

The following is a sponsored post by Frank D'Aurio. I admire his tenacity to create a resource that helps families on tight budgets to teach their children financial literacy. He has created a fantastic game that can be used to teach financial literacy that I think you'll enjoy looking into ...
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Homeschool Teaching Resources - Comprehensive First Grade BJU s

Homeschool Teaching Resources: Comprehensive Phonics, English, Reading, and Handwriting

There are so many benefits to homeschooling your kids. I've found that homeschooling gives me the opportunity to differentiate learning for my kids. In this way, they learn best at home! Whether it's to help a child catch up or to give them more of a challenge, I'm able to ...
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Best Christmas Songs for Homeschool and School Study s

Best Christmas Songs to Learn and Study: Brief History & Listening Links

As a homeschool mom, I always try to take my kids' interests and use what they love to help teach them. Since our whole family loves Christmas songs, I thought it would be interesting to use this in our homeschool curriculum, which is how I came up with this list ...
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How to Teach Pre-Reading Skills (and Primary Reading Skills too)

Wondering how to teach pre-reading skills to your preschooler or young homeschooled child? You've come to the right place for tips and tricks! Reading is one of the most important foundational skills your child will learn. Many homeschooling moms ask how to teach pre-reading skills in preschool and kindergarten. Do ...
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5 Things to Buy from the Dollar Store this 4th of July

You should consider these 5 things to buy from the Dollar Store this 4th of July! Save money by buying these Independence Day things there instead of other places. July 4th celebrations are right around the corner. It's a chance for families to get together and celebrate. This means big ...
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Summer Reading Resources online

Where to Go to Find Free Books for Any Grade Level for Summer Reading

Got an avid reader?  Check out these selected places for free reading material for your homeschooler to read over the summer. You can find books and online magazines to read for FREE or else very cheap for ANY grade level. Check out these summer reading gems! ...
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The Best Father’s Day Books to Read with Your Child

I have this thing about sentimental books, especially about being a mom or a dad. You know, the books that make you cry when you read them because they are so sweet and touch on the special bond between children and their mothers or fathers. That being said, I've rounded ...
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Free preschool printable worksheets for alphabet and letters s2

Free Alphabet Worksheets

Check out this 26-page free alphabet worksheets printable pack for preschoolers! This is a great way for children to practice both uppercase and lowercase letters. There is also a section on each page to help with learning the beginning sounds. It's a great tool for teaching preschoolers and kindergartners their ...
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Distance Learning with BJU Press – Is it Worth the Cost? A Review.

As a working mom AND homeschool mom, my time is valuable. Thankfully, distance learning with BJU Press makes it easier for me to use my time wisely. By implementing distance learning in my homeschool day, I'm able to monitor my kids' education while also taking care of my daily obligations ...
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Preschool Curriculum to Make Learning Fun

Preschool curriculum is a must for any homeschooling family. Kids are expected to know so much before they even enter into kindergarten. If you're homeschooling your young child, then you need to be prepared to teach your preschooler the necessary skills before he starts kindergarten. Not sure where to start? ...
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Teach them Diligently homeschool convention review

Why You Should Attend the Teach Them Diligently Convention

As a homeschool parent, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to help teach my kids. I want to make sure that I'm giving them the education they need, all while building their character. That's why I love attending the Teach Them Diligently convention. This convention inspires new ideas, ...
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