Ever wondered if He is not finished yet? God loves you and He has good plans for you, whatever your circumstances may currently be.

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For the longest time, I’ve wanted to get back to posting inspirational, Biblical encouragement for my readers. If you’ve been with me for a long time, you may remember my dear friend, Amy Riordan, from Walking in Freedom. I’m so excited that she is coming back to post a regular series here. I hope you enjoy her heartfelt words of wisdom. She is real. She is deep. And she’s a true friend.

He is Not Finished Yet, Homeschool Mama

He is not finished yet

The other day I was feeling very sorry for myself. I recently found out I have Lyme disease, and I have had it for an undetermined amount of time. While this explains why I have felt exhausted for so long, it left me feeling discouraged.

Why didn’t I find out sooner?

I was complaining the other morning about how I was feeling, and I wasn’t sure what to do with all of the anger and frustration I was feeling. I felt like my doctor let me down. I felt like God let me down as well, and I was questioning why He didn’t show me what was wrong a long time ago. In the middle of complaining, this scripture flooded my heart:

For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope’ (Jeremiah 29:11 AMP).

Before God spoke this to me, I was not feeling any peace, definitely not any kind of well-being, and my hope was dwindling. I was angry, and I wanted someone to blame. He spoke this scripture so clearly to my heart that my perspective began to change. He has good thoughts and plans for me. He has plans of peace and well-being for me. He does not have plans for disaster, but to give me a future and a hope!

I am holding onto this as I learn to rest in Him as I recover. I may not have found the answer to my physical illness as quickly as I had hoped to, but I know God played a huge part in me finally being diagnosed. Many people were praying for me, and God intervened at just the right time. My body is now healing, and I have hope that I will continue to feel better.

God has good thoughts and plans for you.

Do you know that God has good thoughts and plans for you? He has plans of peace and well-being for you! He has plans for a future and a hope, not plans of disaster, no matter what your circumstances look like right now.

Whatever you may be going through today, you can rest knowing His plans for you are good. Rest in Him. He hasn’t forgotten you. Let yourself begin to trust Him in a deeper way today, knowing your heart and life are safe in His care. He knows exactly what you are going through, and He has a future full of hope and peace planned for you. He is not finished yet!

He is not finished yet

Amy Riordan is a Christian writer and speaker with a desire to see women’s hearts healed and set free. Her passion is to inspire others to embrace who they were created and redeemed to be. Amy lives in PA with her husband and two children. She candidly shares her story on her blog, Walking in Freedom encouraging women to pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus, the only One who can satisfy their deep longings for intimacy and connection.