Sometimes, the kiddos and I enjoy dancing in the living room to upbeat and fun music. It’s a great break from monotony, and a routine we all look forward to.  Even though it only lasts a few minutes, it always lifts our spirits and we’re in a better mood afterward.  Here is my personal review of our latest addition to our family music selections, Happy Beach, by children’s music performer Perry Springman, produced by 4-time Grammy winner Mark Heimermann. This album has been such a fun addition to our homeschool, and I think you’ll like it too!

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Perry Springman gave me a copy of Happy Beach and asked me to review it.  This review is sponsored, however the opinions I’m sharing are unbiased and completely my own.

My absolute favorite song on the album (and one you should download on Amazon right away!) is the 3-Minute Cleanup song.  Moms, I am so glad I’ve got this song.  It makes cleaning up toys and messes so much more fun!  The kids LOVE this song, and as you can see on my Instagram – they have a blast while doing their 3-minute cleanups!  And I no longer have to sing that old, worn-out Barney “Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Everywhere” song…

3-Minute Cleanup song – a new fave! #homeschool #homeschooling #review #blogger

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The whole album is entertaining and cheerful.  It brightens the mood on days we need to just let loose.  Songs such as “Chimichanga,” “Unh-Uh, No Way” and “Happy Beach” make you feel good with lyrics that any young kid can relate to.  My 2 and 4 year-olds sing and dance in circles when the music is playing.  They absolutely love it, and it helps them get their wiggles out (especially on days we’re stuck indoors due to cold, rain, or snow).

One song I truly appreciate and love to hear my children sing along to is “Mommy and Daddy.”  It’s a sweet and silly song that promotes the act of honoring of parents in such a positive way.  However, I will admit that when it gets to the part “I’d choose [Mommy/Daddy] over [candy/cookies/ice cream] anytime,” my Lily (age 4) giggles and screams “No way!”  It makes us laugh every time.

Do you have “dance parties” in your homeschool?  If so, what are your favorite albums/songs to listen to?