On the holidays, it’s nice to remember the grandparents. Especially this one: Grandparent’s Day. Use these Grandparents’ Day printable fact sheets in your homeschool.

Grandparents' Day Free Printable Fact Sheets

Grandparents’ Day Printable Fact Sheets

Grandparents’ Day is often a holiday that is overlooked in homeschools and classrooms. It happens so close to Labor Day and September 11th (Patriot Day) that it can easily be forgotten. This year, take a moment to honor and celebrate your children’s grandparents by taking a closer look at this holiday, it’s history, and the reasons why we celebrate it.

You can teach your homeschooled kids basic facts about Grandparents Day this year, using these fun facts. Later on, as you continue to scroll down this post, download the printable holiday fact sheets for Grandparents’ Day!

Grandparents’ Day Printable Facts for Kids

Want to learn some interesting facts about Grandparents’ Day? Here ya go! And later, if you want to print them out, just download them (below)!

  • This national holiday began in 1978, after being signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.
  • It is celebrated the first Sunday in September after Labor Day.
  • Many people honor their grandparents or other elderly loved ones on this day by giving them flowers, cards, or small gifts. They might invite their grandparent to dinner, give them a phone call, or go visit them.
  • The original idea for the holiday is attributed to two people, Michael Goldgar and Marian McQuade.
  • Michael Goldgar invested $11,000 and 7 years of lobbying the legislators in Washington, DC to create the national holiday. He was motivated after visiting his aunt in a nursing home.
  • Marian McQuade was a housewife from West Virginia who had a mission to educate people about the importance of respecting the elderly and recognizing their value to society. She is usually recognized as the founder of the holiday because she is the one who received a personal phone call from the White House announcing the creation of the holiday.
  • Many people, groups and organizations celebrate the holiday with special events and activities.
  • National Grandparents’ Day has an official song: “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa,” by Johnny Prill.
  • It also has an official flower: The Forget-Me-Not.

Download Available:

Like the facts listed above? Print them out for your children to study! They are thoroughly researched, and perfect for talking points, concise explanations, and a complete understanding of Grandparents’ Day. They include the basics of what kids need to know. It’s the perfect complement to a unit study on the holiday.

I have been working on a printable holiday fact sheet series I have going on over at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. As I come out with new ones each month, I’m offering them FREE for a limited time. Here’s my Grandparents’ Day homeschool copywork printable! I hope you enjoy it.

These fact sheets will serve as an easy and quick reference sheet for homeschool families to introduce the basic facts about the various U.S. Holidays. Use them for copywork or notebooking or to introduce prior knowledge about the holiday before a project or lesson. Soon, they’ll all be in one huge download for you, too! Follow my store for the announcement – yes I’ll start it out as a FREEBIE, as always.

This is a work in progress. As I create them one at a time, they will be free for a limited time. My goal is to have them published a week or two before each occasion so that homeschool families can use them as a quick briefing of the holiday coming up. If you wish, you can “follow” me on Teachers Pay Teachers so that you will not miss when I publish them.

Grandparents’ Day Printable Fact Sheets Download

This resource can also be used for notebooking, lapbooking, copywork, Reading comprehension, or as a basic tool for research. Eventually, after I’ve created a page for each holiday, I plan to publish them in one large download for your convenience. Watch my TPT store for that.

Grandparents' Day Free Printable Fact Sheets

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