Easter Egg Ideas

Are you looking for decorative Easter egg ideas this holiday season? I have scoured the internet in search for the best Easter egg ideas available. It’s so fun to get creative with dyed Minion eggs and DIY burger Eggs as well as the Galaxy Egg Tutorial. I have created a list of the most beautiful Easter egg ideas for you. Today I am sharing 14 ideas for your family, surely you’ll be able to find one for everyone.

Fun and Easy Easter Egg Ideas

Beautiful Easter Egg Ideas for Decorating

Easter is a wonderful time to gather the children around your dining room table to partake in craft time. These hardboiled Easter eggs will surely keep each family member entertained for hours. These Easter egg ideas will create a beautiful decor item for your Easter Sunday gathering.

1. Dyed Minion Easter Eggs – A Pumpkin and a Princess

2. Speckled Eggs – Crafts by Amanda

3. DIY Burger Easter Eggs – Studio DIY

4. Tie Dye Easter Eggs Using Paper Towels – One Little Project

5. Beautiful Floral Easter Eggs (Using Tattoo Paper) – It’s Always Autumn

6. Galaxy Easter Egg Tutorial – Dream a Little Bigger

7. Embellished Easter Eggs – Two Sisters Crafting

8. Cactus Easter Eggs – Delia Creates

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs – Lemon Lime Adventures

10. Tie Dye Easter Eggs: Easy Egg Decorating for Kids – A Little Pinch of Perfect

11. Easter Dinosaur Eggs – The Joys of Boys

12. Rainbow Colored Easter Eggs – Crafts by Amanda

13. DIY Emoji Easter Eggs – Studio DIY

14. Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (So Easy) – It’s Always Autumn

Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Whether you’re into the rainbow, emoji or galaxy Easter eggs, you’ll surely find one set of beautiful ways to decorate Easter eggs in this list I shared today. Which of these Easter egg ideas is your favorite?

Beautiful Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs