This is a guest post about how to visit the Florida Aquarium in Tampa on a budget.

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Frugal free educational field trip to The Florida Aquarium at Tampa

What child doesn’t love fish… and sharks… and sea turtles. What parent doesn’t love the idea of taking their children on an adventure… affordably!

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa is the perfect spot for homeschooling parents to visit with their children for a long morning or all day adventure.

The aquarium is divided into sections based on the types of fish and creatures you will find in different types of water, water temperatures, and habitats. Each section has plaques that give information on the type of animals being seen, the environment, and any other information that the writer felt was useful.

In addition to some of the hands-on displays (sting ray petting tank, star fish and sea urchin patting tanks), there are also classes that are offered to homeschooling families and discounts for yearly passes to make the classes even more affordable for your family (20% of the regular price of an annual pass).

One aspect that my 5 year old and I look forward to now is the annual Homeschool Day which is coming up on October 3, 2013. Admission is only $5 per person and parking is $6. On this day, homeschoolers from around the state come and enjoy a day at the Florida Aquarium, which includes freebies, games, specially made classes just for homeschoolers, and animal shows. (Bring your proof of being a homeschooler just to play it safe- a membership card to your local homeschool group or something similar.)

There is an area available for eating your brown bag lunch. We like keeping our costs down, so this is always the route we take.

No matter how old you are there is something awe-inspiring about seeing these animals- beautiful tropical fish, large sharks, the ugliest eels, and the most beautiful sea dragons. There is even the chance of seeing a penguin walk by with its handler. Your little ones (and maybe even you) will squeal with delight at the sight of these amazing creatures.

The aquarium workers are very helpful and really want to make your experience at the aquarium a memorable one. Outside the aquarium, there is a small playground area and a water sprayground for children to enjoy after they have seen the sights of the aquarium.

The aquarium is a great place for children of any age, and the upcoming $5 Homeschool Day is a great way to decide if you want to invest further in future trips.


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