The Samurai’s Tale by Erik C. Haugaard is a story of an orphan boy who grows up to be a Samurai in 16th century Japan. This is an excellent way to introduce ancient Japanese culture to your homeschool classroom. Here is a free homeschool unit study lesson plan for you based on the book. It includes worksheets, printables, and more!


*FREE* Educational Unit Study for The Samurai’s Tale

The Samurai’s Tale is a wonderful resource to read along with your homeschoolers as you discuss Japanese culture. Your students will enjoy learning more about how other cultures live and how our way of life is completely different than other countries. You can easily purchase a complete unit study for The Samurai’s Tale online, in several places, such as Teachers Pay Teachers. These will give project ideas for your students as well as a detailed sheet to help them understand the characters in the book.

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As part of the educational unit study for The Samurai’s Tale, we must learn to go behind the book and create a lesson plan based on reading this book. Isn’t that our job as homeschool parents? Well, read on to gather up some wonderful *free* resources about The Samurai’s Tale so that you can plan your next reading curriculum.

So what supplements are available for The Samurai’s Tale? Read on…

Take a break and have some fun learning Japanese culture with these free Japan crossword puzzles, word searches, and other printables. Click here to download the free printables to help teach more about Japanese culture.

If you want to give your homeschool students a quiz, click here to download the free unit study for The Samurai’s Tale.

Consider printing this free vocabulary lesson for your classroom for The Samurai’s Tale. This is a great way to make sure your students comprehend the words within the book.

This free printable lapbook about Japan would be a great addition to your studies.

Need more ideas? This post by The Momma Knows has several other good ideas for things to do!


You can use The Samurai’s Tale as a time to discuss how Japanese culture differs from our culture. With open discussions in the classroom of things perhaps they feel Japan does differently that are good ideas or vice versa. This is a great way to engage in an intellectual conversation to help your students see and accept other cultures way of life.

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