Sonlight Education Ministry offers a free homeschool curriculum download as a generous gift to bless families.

Sonlight Education Ministries Free Homeschool Curriculum

Available for Download: Free SonLight Education Ministry Homeschool Curriculum

UPDATED 12/21/2016: Apparently the Sonlight Education Ministry Bible-based homeschooling curriculum is now available to download online for free! Thanks to a reader who let us know this information.

Ok, so last week I told you all about SonLight Education Ministry’s Bible-based homeschooling curriculum that you can get for free by sending in a memory stick.  But I didn’t know all the details.  I’ve been checking the website every day, and there have been no updates on their website.  So, I called them to see if I could find out more information by phone.  I spoke to an oh-my-gosh-super really nice lady, who gave me all the information I needed.  I also asked her if I could share the information with you guys, and she gave me permission.

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In order to get digital copies of all of SonLight Education Ministry’s curriculum materials, send the following in a padded envelope to SonLight Education Ministry,:

  • One memory stick (a.k.a. flash drive) – she recommends 16 GB
  • A new, self-addressed and postage-applied padded envelope for returning your memory stick (should be large enough to contain a catalog which will also be included so you’ll know what’s included on your memory stick).

Please be aware that this is SonLight Education Ministry, not to be confused with, the more well-known homeschool curriculum.

The materials are available indefinitely, and any new materials will be available for future download as well – completely free.  Eventually, she told me, they plan to make the materials downloadable directly off the internet, but they’re doing it this way for now.

You should be aware that they are already behind on downloading and returning the memory sticks downloaded and returned.  They’ve had an overwhelming response.  The lady told me they are putting them into boxes as they receive them.  Then they will process them and send them out in the order they are received.  For more information, you can call the company at (509) 684-6843.

Sonlight Education Ministries Free Homeschool Curriculum