If you’re looking for a free lesson planner for homeschool, here you go. In addition, read these planning tips and tricks to learn how to use it!

Free Homeschool Calendar

Free Lesson Planner for Homeschool

This free lesson planner for homeschool is the perfect addition to your homeschool planning resources! Use it with any of your planners, calendars, and schedules as an extra slide-in, it’s simple and basic to make it compatible with anything by printing it in any size and adding it in! It fits perfectly inside your daily binder or even size it to make it a happy planner for homeschool!

Free Homeschool Calendar

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Free Lesson Planner for Homeschool Plus Planning Tips and Tricks

Lesson Planning for Homeschool Tips and Tricks:

When you first begin planning your homeschool lessons, it may be overwhelming to pick a planner. Ultimately, it needs to be one that serves your own unique needs. You want it to be the perfect fit for your family. But how do you know what to write in it, how to use it efficiently, and how to maximize its features.

Features of a Perfect Lesson Planner for Homeschool:

Use a free lesson planner created exclusively for homeschool moms such as the one above. Other planners may have too many or too little options. For example, a teacher planner has way too many spaces for attendance and grade-keeping. It may also be difficult to plan different subjects for each of your children (if you have multiple). Also, a standard daily planner may be too limited or lacking enough space for your needs.

To find the most efficient ways to use a homeschool lesson planner, you first need to figure out why you need it in the first place. Planners made specifically for homeschooling usually contain specific features. Things a homeschool lesson planner might contain:

  • daily, weekly, and monthly pages
  • attendance record
  • grade record
  • report card
  • lesson planning pages
  • ability to use for multiple children
  • flexible printing options
  • compatibility with multiple learning styles
  • perpetual (can be used year after year if needed)

How to Use a Lesson Planner for Homeschool Efficiently:

Once you’ve picked your favorite planner, you can start planning! Get a general overview of your planner to begin with. Essentially, you will plan what to write, and where. It’s always a great idea to take a good look at all the features of the planner before you begin to write – especially if you choose to write with pen (and therefore can’t erase).

Free Homeschool Calendar

Take note of these things first:

  • What primary purpose does the planner serve?
  • How many students does it allow you to plan for?
  • How much space do you have for writing?
  • Where do student names, subjects, and lesson details belong?
  • What pens/pencils would work best on its pages?

Afterward, you can start writing. Many times, you can use a separate sheet of paper to jot down overall goals and plans. Use your curriculum’s pacing guides or plan of study to help. Then, fill in the details into your planner in the appropriate places.

Storage and accessibility are important! Pick a convenient and easy-to-reach spot to keep your planner. You’ll use it daily, so make sure the place you keep it is safe from spills, damage, and loss. It should be a very handy spot, and quickly accessible. Keep it in the same place at all times, putting it back where it belongs after each use. That way you can always find it when you need it!

Finally, write in your planner daily, weekly, and monthly. Keep a record of goals, lessons, grades, and attendance on a regular basis. You will appreciate the easy retrieval of information when you need it. Plus, it can even serve as a memory-keeping tool. You just may enjoy sticking photos of field trips, hand-written stories and drawings, and achievements inside it.

I hope you enjoy your free lesson planner for homeschool and are able to use the tips above as a helpful guide for using it!

Free Lesson Planner for Homeschool Plus Planning Tips and Tricks

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