Over Christmas, I told you about some great free videos for kids that share biblical principles for our Christian worldview. My daughter Laynie loved them because they were so mesmerizing! I’m not kidding, the guy is an intelligent and inspiring storyteller and artist, and Laynie is completely enthralled. For a kid with dyslexia and an interest in art and drawing, the Bible stories taught in these videos have really grabbed her attention and taught her Christian life lessons in a way in which other curricula haven’t reached her. You’ve got to give them a try!

Free Bible Video Course Curriculum Anton's Antics The Frugal Homeschooling MomThis is a sponsored post. The information was approved by me before publication, and I can wholly endorse this product.

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We all want what is best for our kids, don’t we? We want them to be strong in faith and character so they make wise decisions in life. But it doesn’t happen automatically. Trying to juggle all their educational requirements can make us feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to feel guilty, but you’re not alone and there is a way forward!

What if we could:

  • Equip our children to make wise decisions through entertaining videos that tackle tough questions?
  • Reduce the ‘’overload’’ with a course that inspires and teaches our children to draw
  • Cover curriculum requirements by teaching values from a Christian perspective.

Stephen Shearsby, Aussie creator of Anton’s Antics, gospel shows for children and families, has put together a three-part (sample) video course to help parents equip their kids to make wise decisions and its FREE.

“If we don’t proactively parent by teaching and modeling to our kids how to engage with tough issues and what godly behaviour looks like, then someone or something else will fill the void and easily steal them away. The potential cost is huge. It’s impossible to put a price on your child making poor choices or worse, losing faith in Jesus. As soon as my first child was born I was kind of freaked out. So fragile. So precious. I just wanted to somehow impart to them the tools for walking in the ‘’wild world’’. This, of course, means making the Bible their ‘’go-to’’ source of wisdom in life and behaviour, but that is easier said than done. It certainly doesn’t happen just because we ‘hope’ it will. Parents need support, they need content that really ‘works’ and makes their job easier”.


Free Bible Videos for Kids The Frugal Homeschooling Mom and Anton's Antics



The series is a primer for a larger course Stephen is developing, so if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see covered in future videos, be sure to let him know. The FREE, entertaining video course is available now and includes three videos:

Video 1: Tough Questions: Is IT True? Are the Bible Stories About Jesus True? How do we know? Strengthen your kid’s faith with original characters, engaging live drawings and don’t miss Anton’s crazy rap at the end.

Video 2: Quick Sketch Tutorial: Not only will this inspire your kids to draw, it will reduce your educational load by teaching them how.

Video 3: Family Devotional Video: encourage Christian values in your family with ease by using this simple, effective and fun educational video.


The FREE Christian video course for homeschoolers is only available for a limited time, so be sure to grab it by signing up using this link and look out for the bonus e-resources that accompany the course.