In our homeschool, we implement a simple “Work Ticket” system to promote independence and accountability in our daily tasks.  Here is how it works:

First, I write my lesson plans in my own notebook.  I do this weekly.
Then, I give Laynie (my 8 year-old) her assignments as “Work Tickets” in file folders labeled by subject.


I have one file folder labeled per subject and we keep them in a desktop file system.  Laynie’s file folders are labeled as follows (but yours will probably be different)

  • Reading
    (which includes Reading Comprehension, Phonics review, Read Alouds, Independent Reading, Wordly Wise, and Bible/Prayer Journal)
  • Writing/Copywork/Spelling
    (which includes Spelling, Writing skills, copywork, and Penmanship)
  • Math
    (which includes our Math curriculum workbook, math facts drills, online Math program we subscribe to, and online Math videos, etc)
  • Classical Work (these are our assignments related to our homeschool co-op, which includes History, Math, Bible, Science, Latin, Geography, and English Grammar)


When Laynie opens her folder, she can see  how many work tickets are within it for each day, and it is a visual representation of her tasks.

Within each folder, I place a work ticket for each assignment she must complete for the day.  She can pick and choose which folder to do first, or which assignments within it to do
first.  It doesn’t matter as long as she finishes all work tickets assigned within each subject for that day.

We split our day in half.  In the morning, Laynie
does half of her assignments, which usually works out to about 7 tickets in our case.  In the afternoon, she does the other half, which usually is about 6.  In the morning, I tell her to pick her work tickets that she can do independently.  We save the “Mom’s help needed” tasks for the afternoon when her little sister and brother are napping.

There is a time limit for each work ticket.  At our house, it’s 20 minutes.  That means, that for each work ticket I assign, the task should take her less than 20 minutes to complete.  She sets a timer, and if she’s not finished within that time limit, she is allowed to stop and go on to the next ticket.  She leaves the checkbox on the work ticket unchecked, and I know that further time or practice, or an assessment and reteaching is needed in that area.

This system is fully adjustable and flexible for whatever daily or weekly routine your homeschool follows.  I hope you enjoy!



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