Mara Daughter of the Nile is a book suggested within the Sonlight homeschool curriculum for 6th/7th grades and is a popular story for middle schoolers. Read below to find a FREE Unit Study for your family centered on the book.

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The study of ancient Egypt captivates most children, at some point or another, due to the mystery of the pyramids and the mummies that one can sometimes find on display at Natural History museums.  There are documentaries of treasure hunting, tales of grave robbing, and mysteries abound.  When learning about this time period, historical fiction, plays an amazing role in the way we can perceive what life may have actually been like.  Enter in Mara Daughter of the Nile a Sonlight Curriculum recommendation which Amazon describes as follows:

Mara is a proud and beautiful slave girl who yearns for freedom in ancient Egypt, under the rule of Queen Hatshepsut. Mara is not like other slaves; she can read and write, as well as speak the language of Babylonian. So, to barter for her freedom, she finds herself playing the dangerous role of double spy for two arch enemies—each of whom supports a contender for the throne of Egypt.

Against her will, Mara finds herself falling in love with one of her masters, the noble Sheftu, and she starts to believe in his plans of restoring Thutmose III to the throne. But just when Mara is ready to offer Sheftu her help and her heart, her duplicity is discovered, and a battle ensues in which both Mara’s life and the fate of Egypt are at stake.

There is so much to learn in Mara Daughter of the Nile that I couldn’t possibly cover it all, but what I do have for you is TOTALLY FREE. I hope you enjoy these unit study resources which include videos, printables, and more!


Your child can take a quiz on the book.

You can use these vocabulary words and study aids.

Learn about Queen Hatshepsut.

Who was Thutmose III?

A quick video about the queen.

Trivia about the book.

Learn about the pyramids.

More information about pyramids.

How did Egyptians communicate?  Learn about hieroglyphics.

And here’s more info about hieroglyphics.

Make a pyramid diorama.

Make a step pyramid.

Slavery in ancient Egypt.

More on the topic of slavery in Ancient Egypt.


Mara Daughter of the Nile can take you as far into a unit study on ancient Egypt as you want to go! Trust me, you could devote an entire school year to it, but for now, these FREE, fun and easy ideas and activities will keep your homeschool family busy.