Take a look at this list of 60+ frugal and free homeschool resources for high school. Never be at a loss for curriculum ideas!

60+ Frugal & FREE Homeschool Resources for High School

60+ Frugal & FREE Homeschool Resources for High School

Are you teaching a high school student right now? Are you looking at your curriculum options and wondering how you will teach them, or seeking supplemental resources for their learning? Look no further!

There are so many resources out there for high schoolers, including LOTS of FREE ones! Students can explore a variety of topics, delve into their special interests, take college courses, and learn new skills.

I find it very difficult to find high quality, free or affordable resources on the web for teaching High School, 9 – 12 (Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth grade – ages 14 – 18, Teens). I’ve searched over the past 8 years of homeschooling and found what I consider to be good websites for homeschooling high schoolers. Check out this ultimate list of frugal and FREE resources for teaching high schoolers. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

Find free and frugal printables and resources to supplement your high school homeschool curriculum on my High School Printables board!

Math & Science

  1. Dad’s Worksheets – Get over 7,000 FREE, printable math worksheets for your student.
  2. Math.com – The world of Math online- get helpful instruction on a range of math topics for older students.
  3. The Math Worksheet Site – This is a great place to create your own worksheet for any skill review.
  4. ACE/PACE – math curriculum that spans K-12, workbooks can be purchased individually.
  5. Math-Aids.com – This site dynamically creates FREE math worksheets to meet all of your needs.
  6. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – Downloadable individual licenses available. These are great for math and are especially beneficial for visual/kinesthetic learners.
  7. Answers in Genesis- They have many Creation Science books that can be read online at no cost.  Scroll down to see the different chapters.
  8. NW Creation Network – Check out these FREE Creation Science videos.
  9. NOVA (by PBS)– Watch FREE science videos on a range of topics, that also include teacher guides and other activities.
  10. National Geographic- Check out the classroom resources from this popular Science/Geography resource.
  11. phET– Get meaningful, interactive labs for math and science for FREE.

Language Arts & Bible

  1. Just Free Books – Use this search portal to find all sorts of FREE books online in various formats. It searches more than 700 sites to offer books free of charge.
  2. BookBub – Get email notifications of free and discounted eBooks for your Kindle, or other devices, based on your preferences. I love this service!
  3. Children’s Books Online – Read books online for FREE, from pre-reader to adult.
  4. LibriVox – A collection of over 14,000 FREE audiobooks
  5. Vocabulary Spelling City – This is a game-based learning tool for Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, and Language Arts.
  6. Project Gutenberg – Search over 60,000 FREE ebooks online. Choose between epub and Kindle eBooks to download or read online.
  7. American Literature – Read 20 Great American short stories from famous authors in history. Also included are study guides for some of the stories.
  8. Quill– Freewriting and grammar activities for all grades, designed to make your student a better writer.
  9. Duolingo- A FREE app for learning a second language. It is a fun, interactive way to learn!
  10. Thinking Kids – Bible Road Trip curriculum- a 3-year survey of the Bible Grades 1-12.
  11. Heart of Wisdom – teaching methods and unit studies for grades 4-12.
  12. Mini Bible Lesson– Find short Bible lessons on a variety of topics that pertain to teens.

Art & History

  1. Google Arts and Culture- Explore and interact with a vast array of art.
  2. Teaching History – Specifically for history teachers, they offer access to resources and materials to help improve history education in the classroom.
  3. World History For Us All – Check out this powerful, innovative model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools. It presents the human past as a single story.
  4. Smithsonian- Check out this awesome open access of museum-based resources that offers an exploration of so many different artifacts and exhibits. All for FREE
  5. National Gallery of Art – Get FREE learning resources for art lessons here.

Across the Curriculum

  1. Khan Academy – This is a FREE site that offers standards-aligned personalized learning on most subjects.
  2. Ambleside Online – Check out this Charlotte Mason FREE online curriculum.
  3. Easy Peasy: All in One Homeschool – A complete, all-FREE Christian-based curriculum
  4. Discovery K12 – This is a FREE, online secular homeschool curriculum.
  5. Teachers Pay Teachers – Find a huge collection of reasonably priced resources, including over 104,000 FREE original teaching resources.
  6. Productive Homeschooling notebooking pages –This site offers a free resource center, monthly freebies, and free product sampler. Items that are for sale are reasonably priced, considering the fact that most things can be used among all grade levels.
  7. Curriculum Pathways – Interactive, standards-based resources for Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Spanish.
  8. An Old Fashioned Education – Find an organized directory of resources based on the Charlotte Mason style of teaching.
  9. Virtual Homeschool Group- Tuition-free, volunteer-based virtual homeschool coop that offers a variety of classes.
  10. Teacher Vision – A subscription to this site gives access to over 22,000 lesson plans, printables, and more.
  11. Homeschool Freebie of the Day – Get FREE resources for homeschoolers, sent via email, each day.
  12. Education World – Find various tools and resources for educators.

Online College Classes & College Prep

  1. Education Portal – Catalog of free online courses (AP, Common Core, GED), college classes, and Test-Prep courses.
  2. Coursera – Take the world’s best courses online! Many are FREE. It is also possible to earn certificates and diplomas.
  3. MIT OpenCourseWare – FREE lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT.
  4. Ron Paul Curriculum- A practical college prep course, that also includes how to start a home business. Sample it for free.
  5. Open Culture – Check out these1,500 free online courses from top universities! Covering a range of topics, these classes come from such schools as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and more.
  6. Homeschool College USA – Get your degree at home! Most courses are aligned with corresponding CLEP or DSST exams.
  7. edX– Get 2,500+ free online college courses.

Educational Media

  1. Learn Out Loud – A FREE audio and video directory of educational resources.
  2. Prager University – This site contains FREE, 5 minute videos that are great for supplementing.
  3. GCF Global- They offer FREE lessons, videos, and interactive games on 200 topics.
  4. Annenberg Learner – Multimedia K-12 teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum.
  5. Google Play and Amazon Prime – Read, watch, play… almost anything, for varying prices. Type your topic and “free” into the search boxes and see what pops up.
  6. Hippo Campus – Find over 7,000 free videos covering 13 subjects here.
  7. Internet Archive – This is a non-profit library of FREE books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.
  8. Watch Know Learn – Watch FREE educational videos on lots of different subjects!
  9. Google Applied Digital Skills- Get practical training on a variety of digital skills with this FREE project-based video curriculum.
  10. Codeacademy- Learn to code on this site!

Free Tools

  1. Quizlet- This site offers free study tools, flashcards, quizzes, and other helpful tools.
  2. Google Sheets – A spreadsheet application that allows you to store and organize different types of information and then create different forms.
  3. Google slides– These are great for creating presentations.
  4. Animaker- Learn how to create animation and make live-action videos. It includes a simple “drag-and-drop” video builder.
  5. Emaze- A site where you can build amazing presentations. It includes a FREE version.
  6. Adobe Spark- Make graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes!

Save Money on Textbooks

  1. Cash 4 Books – If you must purchase a book, get cash for it when you’re done!
  2. Homeschool Buyers’ Co-Op – Get almost any homeschool curriculum for a discounted price!
  3. Homeschool Foundation – This is the charitable arm of HSLDA. It gives grants to those homeschooling families that are in need.
  4. Rakuten – Are you buying educational toys and books?  Why not get money back for your purchases
  5. Paperback Swap – Swap, don’t buy!  Or if you do buy… swap them afterward!
  6. Homeschool Classifieds – Buy used homeschool resources here!
  7. AffordABook – Use their search to find any textbook or other books for school at the best prices.
  8. CK-12 Foundation – Check out this extensive site with textbooks all FREE for use for a variety of subjects. Alternatively, get textbooks FREE for high school and early college via CK-12 on Kindle through Amazon.

As you can see, there is a ton out there to support your high schooler! It really is amazing what you can find online now. Hopefully, you have found some useful resources within this list. Do you have a favorite resource that you do not see listed here?  Email me and let me know!  Happy teaching!

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60+ Frugal & FREE Homeschool Resources for High School