This free set of printables for homeschool kids will give you and your little ones a fresh respite from indoors this Spring.  Use the scavenger hunt lists as a guide as you have some fun outside.

Frugal Homeschool Spring Scavenger Hunt Free printable

The weather is warming, the birds are singing, and it’s time to take preschool outside.  After the long winter months, it is always refreshing to find activities that incorporate the great outdoors and let’s face it, what mom isn’t ready for her kiddos to get out of the house once that weather warms? There is also no better opportunity to enjoy God’s creations than by going outdoors and teaching your little ones how the world comes anew each and every spring.  A scavenger hunt is a fun and educational way to enjoy it.

One of the best things about homeschooling is the countless number of opportunities to incorporate the outdoors with learning lessons.   A wonderful way to do this is by playing a Spring Scavenger Hunt.  I know, it can sound a bit intimidating but at the preschool level this is so much fun that it can also become independent play in your backyard, just be prepared with a small prize or treat for the winner if you have more than one child on the hunt!  For independent play you can make your scavenger hunt list with pictures, instead of writing the words, “something yellow” you might just have a yellow circle and explain that the child needs to find something that color. This activity can be done on a play date, (you will win brownie points for most prepared mama), at a park, on a walk, or just in your own yard, in town, or the country.  It’s something that will get you moving, make the outdoors come alive and help add spice to your day.

You can make this as thoughtful, or as simple as you want.  Opting for simplicity you can work on shapes, colors and sounds.  Operating on a more advanced preschool level you can incorporate textures, letters, opposites, and rhymes.  The object of this game is to collect your items for the scavenger hunt and then preschooler and mom can recap the items later.  First make your list (or use one of the suggestions below).  These will be the items you hunt.  If you are unable to bring them home your little one can draw a picture of it, or use your cell phone camera and take pictures.  Look to nature, when possible for the things that are rough, smooth, etc. (think tree bark, smooth stones, dandelions, and grass).

Easy Scavenger Hunt List:

Something Round

Something Yellow

Something Green

Something that smells good

Something that smells bad

Something rough

Something smooth

Something Square

Something that will get bigger

Something smaller than a dime

Something that sounds loud

Something prickly

Something hard

Something budding

Something pretty

Free Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt --- 2 versions at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom

More Challenging Scavenger Hunt List:

Something that can’t come inside

Something Red

Something that squishes

Something that rhymes with bone (examples Stone, Cone)

Something that can’t move

Something that changes colors

Something fast

Something cold

Something soft

Something you can draw with (stones and green tree branches will both make markings)

Something bees like

Something fuzzy

Something pointy

Something that smells like Christmas (pine needles)

Something that will grow

Free Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt --- 2 versions at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom hard version

 To download the free printable Spring scavenger hunts, click the image below.

Spring Scavenger Hunt Printable by TFHSM Free printable

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