Free homeschool ID cards for students and teachers: editable and printable – for ANY year, ANY state, reusable – just laminate and go!

Free Homeschool ID Cards: Teacher ID and Student ID

Free Homeschool ID cards for Students AND Teachers

I was inspired to create these printable homeschool ID cards for each state because I noticed that homeschool moms are always looking for cards they can print out and laminate and show to stores and businesses in order to get a teacher discount.

There are a few free homeschool ID cards out there, but these are different – unlike the others that are out already – they are “generic.” They DON’T have a curriculum company or brand name attached to them. So you can use them with any co-op, membership, school name, or affiliation you may have! Now isn’t that nifty?

Customizable, Editable, Personalized Homeschool ID Cards for ANY State or ANY school year!

If you want some more FREE and Frugal Homeschool ID card options, I’ve listed up all of them below, just keep on scrolling down this post to the bottom.

I just knew you would love having some handy homeschool ID cards for you or your child. These are simple and convenient. You can use them for this year, and the next, and the next – because you can edit everything on them.

They are available now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Here are samples of what they look like. These are the ORIGINAL, Microsoft Excel versions. There is now a newer, PDF version available in my store as well.

Option 1: Editable Excel Homeschool ID Cards

These are FULLY customizable, editable, resizable, homeschool ID cards.

NC homeschool identification ID card teacher homeschool id cards  NC homeschool Identification ID card child homeschool id cards

Option 2: Editable PDF Homeschool ID Cards

These are editable PDF homeschool ID cards.

Editable PDF Homeschool ID Cards 01 Editable PDF Homeschool ID Cards 01

These were originally published for free. Now they are a very affordable price of $2.49, very reasonable considering you can use them year after year! I’m always adding other products in my store, so please follow along! All my products are typically FREE for a limited time when they’re first posted and are announced to my email list and social media. Then I raise the price to a small amount (never much) because this store helps me support our homeschool family with some residual income. Thanks for your support!

Download your Editable Homeschool ID cards for any state here (just scroll the list to find your state). Follow my emails or social media to be notified if they ever go free or on sale again (they sometimes do)!

Homeschool ID Cards - AlabamaHomeschool ID Cards - AlaskaHomeschool ID Cards - ArizonaHomeschool ID Cards - ArkansasHomeschool ID Cards - CaliforniaHomeschool ID Cards - ColoradoHomeschool ID Cards - ConnecticutHomeschool ID Cards - DelawareHomeschool ID Cards - FloridaHomeschool ID Cards - GeorgiaHomeschool ID Cards - HawaiiHomeschool ID Cards - IdahoHomeschool ID Cards - IllinoisHomeschool ID Cards - IndianaHomeschool ID Cards - IowaHomeschool ID Cards - KansasHomeschool ID Cards - KentuckyHomeschool ID Cards - LouisianaHomeschool ID Cards - MaineHomeschool ID Cards - MarylandHomeschool ID Cards - MassachusettsHomeschool ID Cards - MichiganHomeschool ID Cards - MinnesotaHomeschool ID Cards - MississippiHomeschool ID Cards - MissouriHomeschool ID Cards - MontanaHomeschool ID Cards - NebraskaHomeschool ID Cards - NevadaHomeschool ID Cards - New HampshireHomeschool ID Cards - New JerseyHomeschool ID Cards - New MexicoHomeschool ID Cards - New YorkHomeschool ID Cards - North CarolinaHomeschool ID Cards - North DakotaHomeschool ID Cards - OhioHomeschool ID Cards - OklahomaHomeschool ID Cards - OregonHomeschool ID Cards - PennsylvaniaHomeschool ID Cards - Rhode IslandHomeschool ID Cards - South CarolinaHomeschool ID Cards - South DakotaHomeschool ID Cards - TennesseeHomeschool ID Cards - TexasHomeschool ID Cards - UtahHomeschool ID Cards - VermontHomeschool ID Cards - VirginiaHomeschool ID Cards - WashingtonHomeschool ID Cards - West VirginiaHomeschool ID Cards - WisconsinHomeschool ID Cards - WyomingHomeschool ID Cards - Washington, D.C.

FREE and FRUGAL Homeschool ID Cards

Finally, here is a short list of only the best FREE and FRUGAL Homeschool ID Cards found on the web. (Contains affiliate links)

  1. The Homeschool ID Cards found at Homeschool Buyers’ Co-op
  2. Big Huge Labs Free Badge Maker
  3. ID Creator sometimes offers visitors a special “first card is free” deal – look for a pop-up invite on the page.
  4. Paradise Praises has a free template to download.
  5. Make your own!

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Free Homeschool ID Cards: Teacher ID and Student ID