Why do so many teachers and homeschool moms teach a farm unit? Studying about the farm has long been a favorite theme for preschools, primary grades, and elementary grades. There is an abundance of learning skills and tasks that can be learned and practiced at any age with such an engaging topic. And the printables, unit studies, literature-based lessons, hands-on activities, and arts/crafts that are out there are numerous. So why is the farm such a popular theme?

What is it about the farm that Makes it such a great theme for unit studies?

Whether you have a preschooler, a kindergartener, or a third grader, the farm is the perfect theme to study. A unit about the farm is perfect for families who teach multiple ages because you can tailor each child’s learning to his/her own level while learning about one topic as a family. It’s also the perfect theme for fall. What can children learn from a farm-themed unit study? Grab a hay bale and sit down, I’ll tell ya!

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Preschool Farm Themed Unit Studies

There are several things that preschoolers can learn from a farm unit. Here are some of them:

  • Vocabulary such as the names of animals and the sounds they make.
  • Beginning sounds: “C is for Cow” for example
  • Fine Motor: Arts and crafts! Cutting and pasting, coloring, and more – just Google (or Swagbucks) or search Pinterest for “farm crafts”
  • Gross Motor: Games and activities that encourage children to act like an animal, or building a silo with large blocks

Primary Grades Farm Themed Unit Studies

Children in grades K-2 enjoy read-alouds, arts and crafts, writing and reading activities, early math skills, and more – all centered around a farm theme. What skills can they learn?

  • Phonics: Beginning, ending, and middle sounds of words like “pig” P-I-G
  • Handwriting and fine motor (coloring or tracing sheets, for example) – just Google (or Swagbucks) or search Pinterest for “Kindergarten farm printable”
  • Following Directions: any arts and crafts activity requires steps and verbal or written directions to follow.
  • Math: Search Google (or Swagbucks) or Pinterest for “farm themed math printables for second grade” and see what pops up!
  • Science and Social Studies: Read Alouds such as Big Red Barn and Apple Farmer Annie teach facts and vocabulary about farms and farming with delightful illustrations, while fiction books like Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type entertain and spark their love for reading.


Gerad ter Borch farm painting girl milking cow in a barn

By Gerard ter Borch – [1], Public Domain, Link

Upper Grades Farm-Themed Unit Studies

Older children enjoy learning more in-depth information about farms, such as how they are run, reading chapter books about farm life, and inquiring into the details of the Science of animal and plant life on farms. Such a unit study on farms can teach:

  • Reading comprehension: Chapter books such as Charlotte’s Web, Esperanza Rising, Nory Ryan’s Song, and Farmer Boy are living books that teach children about life on a farm. You can use these books to teach story elements such as character, setting, plot and climax, and more. Story retell and recalling facts, discussing author’s purpose and theme, and other topics are all good skills to learn and practice using such books.

  • Science: Studying about animal life and anatomy, the life cycle of plants and gardening, and so much more are all learned through a farm unit.
  • Social Studies: Topics such as agriculture and the economy are learned through reading nonfiction books and discussing them.
  • Math: Yes, there are so many math worksheets centered around a farm theme on the web! Just Google (or Swagbucks) or search Pinterest for your child’s grade level and the search terms “farm math” or “farm multiplication” etc.
  • Arts and Crafts: Older kids love these activities too, and are still developing their fine motor skills. More in-depth skills and knowledge about art can also be taught, such as a study of the artist¬†Gerard ter Borch and his incredibly detailed painting “A Maid Milking A Cow in A Barn.”

If you’re considering a Farm-themed unit study for preschool, kindergarten, or even upper elementary students, it’s most certainly a good choice! This unit theme can be used for multiple grades or ages at a time, and is perfect for homeschooling families.


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