Here is a fun planner for homeschool with adult coloring pages – perfect for creative homeschool moms who also love keeping their days planned well.

Planner for Homeschool with Adult Coloring Pages

FREE Printable Planner for Homeschool with Adult Coloring Pages

These are my updated pages for my free homeschool planner system. I went a little crazy with this calendar, and it’s the ultimate planner addition for creative homeschooling moms or those who just enjoy coloring in fun doodles. Why? Because this version has adult coloring pages!

Planner Features:

The calendar is dated AND perpetual, meaning the pages can be used year after year. It’s coordinated to look and feel just like the basic homeschool planner and subsequent versions (I add new ones each year). So, you can seamlessly integrate it into your current binder, even if you are reusing pages from last year’s planner!

I hope you enjoy it!

If you see that something is missing that you need, shoot me an email and I’ll add it to next year’s version! I’m still going to be adding pages as the years continue. So let me know if there’s something specific missing that you really wish was there.

These adult coloring pages are now downloadable as an add-on pack to all the others. To download it, please subscribe to gain access to it. As a thank you for subscribing, you’ll also receive access to all the current and previous versions. Plus – there are tons of other free printables in the subscriber library as well! Email subscribers will always hear of all the printables I ever offer. Subscribe, and you’ll never miss them!

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Planner for Homeschool with Adult Coloring Pages

Free Adult Coloring Resources for Homeschool Moms

  1. Joyful Coloring Pages – The Relaxed Homeschool has a set of adult coloring pages, bright and colorful for warm, sunny days – or any day, really! I just love them.
  2. Show Love – Falling in love? Or just love your children? Doesn’t matter who you love, give them the gift of free Valentine’s Day adult coloring pages – or use them as a pretty cover for a homemade card at any time of the year.
  3. Today Will be Awesome – this simple page (scroll about halfway down to see it) is a free download that’s just gorgeous. I like the message.
  4. Scripture Meditation – Download these and spend the afternoon enjoying and memorizing God’s Word.
  5. Motivate your teen – These are cute pages that teenagers would love to join you in coloring. Sit side by side, and talk about what motivates and inspires you.
  6. For Teen Girls – these journaling and coloring pages provide hours of solitary prayer and journal time for young women.
  7. Seashells – Seashells are naturally geometric and have pretty patterns in nature. These coloring sheets are a free download and have given me and my kids a lot of pleasure while on vacation.
  8. Detailed Birds – Birds are fun to watch on nature walks, so afterward, sit in the shade and practice fine motor skills with some free bird coloring pages. These are perfect for kids and adults alike!
  9. For Inspiration – The pages found here are nice to sit and give yourself a pep talk.
  10. Handy Bookmarks – Download these free flower bookmarks to mark your planner, your teacher’s manuals, or your current paperback you’re reading.

Free Printable Homeschool Coloring Pages


Favorite Adult Coloring Pens, Books, and Accessories – Gift Ideas Too!

  1. Flair Pens – Papermate flair pens are sturdy and dependable, and have bright colors with fine lines. They’re perfect for the homeschool family who needs to share art supplies, as they can usually stand up to children’s use (with a little oversight).
  2. Amazing Brush Pens – Arteza provides some of the most well-loved art products in our home, and the quality is outstanding. We love these brush pens. Being frugal also means being minimalist, and although these are expensive – we’ve found that they last forever and provide rich, clean lines making your coloring designs beautiful!
  3. Homeschool Mom Life – Celebrate your role as homeschool mom in this beautiful coloring book. It will lift your spirits and brighten your day.
  4. Dover Coloring – This popular coloring book publisher, Dover Coloring, has tons of designs and themes to choose from. I’ve never been disappointed here. Insider’s tip: You can sign up for a newsletter here that includes a free coloring download in each edition.
  5. Learn and Color Biology – This is an educational book, perfect for high schoolers learning about biology – makes learning fun!
  6. Got Coffee? – Grab your mug and some pens and enjoy some peace and quiet while coloring. The cute animals and coffee mug theme will improve your outlook for the day!
  7. Impressionist Appreciation – Teaching your children about Art history is fun when they get to color artwork by their favorite impressionists!
  8. Anatomy Coloring – Another book that fits well in high school lessons on Anatomy – color and learn Science vocabulary related to the human body.
  9. Study Geography – Discover, visualize, and explore the world with this geography coloring book. The detail in this book is incredible.
  10. Floral Mandalas – I love floral patterns for coloring, and mandalas are always beautiful to look at when completed. If these are your two favorite coloring patterns – you’ll love this book, as I do!
  11. Bible Verses – The King James Version of the Bible is written in beautiful and poetic language, so what better to do than to color beautiful pages alongside reading it!

More Adult Coloring Resources

Free Adult Coloring Pages for Valentine’s Day