Are you holding a garage or yard sale soon? If so you might be wondering how to make it your best one yet. After all, the whole point of having a garage sale it to clear away clutter and make some cash, and the best way to do this is to drive massive amounts of traffic towards your sale. So what is the best way to do this? Luckily, you can advertise your garage sale and get the word out without too much fuss or cost. Look at 6 cheap or free places you can advertise your garage sale, so you can get the word out and drive traffic to your sale for less.

Free or Cheap Frugal Places Ways to Advertise Garage Yard Sale TFHSM

1. Craigslist

Craigslist has a FREE and highly active garage sale board where sellers can post all of the information they want about their sale. Include a catchy headline, ADD PICTURES, give a clear address as well as directions, and put as much detail as you can. You will find that many people resort to Craigslist to find sales, and the more information you give them, the more likely it is they will come.

2. Facebook

Check and see if there is a local garage sale site on Facebook for your town. If so, you can always place a free ad there. If you can’t find any Facebook classifieds sites for your town, consider sharing the event on your own personal page. Include photos, a list of contents for sale, clear times, directions to the sale, and other important information. Share this information several times working up to the sale.

3. College or university message boards

If you have clothing, furniture, or appliances that students can benefit from, consider placing a free ad on college message boards. These aren’t internet boards but physical boards you can post actual sales fliers to. Visit your local community college or university and see if you can locate some of these boards to advertise to.

4. Local news station websites

Many news stations offer free online classifieds via their website. You will most likely have to register and create an account, but more times than not this is free. See if any of your local viewing area news stations offer an online forum for community events and if so be sure to add yours.

5. Newspaper online classifieds

Of course, you can place a newspaper ad, but this can cost $25 and even as much as $50. Instead, see if the newspaper offers free online classifieds. Some will offer this on their website or allow you a discounted rate to post there instead of the actual newspaper.

6. Local community centers

Head to your local community centers or recreation centers and see if they have a bulletin board for events. If so ask if you can share your sale flier with them. It is worth noting that a flier doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a quick write-up of the sale information and a few examples of what is being offered.

Are you ready to have the best garage sale yet? Check out these 6 places to advertise your garage sale for cheap or free, and see what a difference good advertising can make!