Looking for “Back to Homeschool” printables and resources?  Look no further!  Here are tons of fun things to do on the first day or the first week of homeschool!

Free and Frugal Back to Homeschool Printables and Resources: The ULTIMATE List

Free and Frugal Back to Homeschool Printables and Resources: The ULTIMATE List

It’s the resources you use that make the start of homeschooling a little more interesting and fun! Whether you’re starting a new curriculum or continuing on with year-round homeschooling, you’ll enjoy taking some time out of your day for a fun activity such as a back-to-school themed worksheet or a special memory for the new homeschool year. A fun activity can be the answer to an otherwise typical day! By the way, this post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information.

Back-to-Homeschool Printables

Need some back to homeschool printables for the first week back to homeschool? This list is a collection of favorites I’ve found over the years. Some of them we’ve used, some of them I’ve just pinned for future reference, and now I’ve listed them here. There are printables, crafts, activities, coloring sheets, for instance – lots of things that you can use to make your day brighter. Best of all – they’re FREE and FRUGAL! I hope you enjoy them!

Important Documents and Record-Keeping

  1. Make it official! Download these free homeschool teacher and student ID cards
  2. Plan your year -This homeschool planner pacing guide template will have your year planned in a snap. Works for any subject, any year length, and you can plan daily, weekly, or monthly.
  3. Free Homeschool Planner this huge planner has several add-on packs that make it over 100 printer-friendly pages.
  4. Student Planner – Scattered Squirrel has a cute student planner you might enjoy for your kids.
  5. Be Prepped – The night before, take out this checklist by Paradise Praises to make sure you’re prepped and ready for the first day.
  6. Take a photo: Commemorate day one with these FREE first day of homeschool signs. Or use these customizable ones for your homeschool back to school photos. The Natural Homeschool, East Coast Mommy, and Homeschool On have some cute ones too.
  7. Organize things – Label everything if you want to! These labels are nice by Kids Activities Blog.

Curriculum Supplements:

  1. Bible study: Start a Bible verse of the week program in your homeschool with these September Bible verses about sowing and reaping a harvest
  2. Writing: Write down a few memories and special events with your child on this Owl “fly back to school” printable by Preschool Powol Packets. In addition, these writing frames look like a lot of fun (at the bottom of the page) at LMN Tree. And write “All About Me” with Living Life and Learning‘s worksheets.
  3. Reading Logs can be found at Embark on the Journey.
  4. Desk Helpers – The printable desk helpers at 3 Dinosaurs are great!
  5. Preschool “Schoolwork” – Keep your little ones excited about the first day with this preschool printable pack from Learning 2 Walk.

Found it Cheaper! Back-to-School Curriculum and Supply Faves

There are several school supply items that I typically splurge on. Some things are just WORTH the money, saving time and frustration because you can trust that they work, and work WELL. So, I’m featuring those things on my Facebook page this month, and today I’m featuring some of them here as well, for a great price, in fact, CHEAPER than other places (at the time of publication of this post – please note that Amazon prices can fluctuate from day to day)!

This month I’m featuring some of my favorite back-to-school items on my Facebook page, but I wanted to take a minute and mention these back to homeschool resources to you. Read on to find some things I’ve found that you might be interested in, including Hooked on Phonics, Times Tales, Tegu blocks, Ticonderoga, and more! This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

  1. Ticonderoga Pencils – Any homeschool mom or teacher knows that Ticonderoga is the best. The wood is so soft, and the lead so smooth. Pencil sharpeners don’t eat them up, and the erasers last forever! A small box of these could very well last you all year, and save the frustration of peeling paint/wrappings and broken lead on cheaper pencils.
  2. Polymer Erasers – Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always favored these white erasers. They come in lots of styles – plain white rectangles like these, or even click-up pencil-type mechanical erasers!
  3. Expo markers – Not all dry erase markers are the same. Expo dries out less frequently, writes smoothly, the tips are sturdy enough for daily use, and they erase cleanly.
  4. Plastic Worksheet Sleeves – these are great for reusing worksheets for multiple children from year to year. Just slide a sheet into the protector, and the child uses a dry erase marker to write. Later, file that sheet away for your next child coming up.
  5. Hooked on Phonics Learn To Read Kit – Hooked on Phonics is one of the most trusted brands in teaching children how to read. This set is for Pre-K/K homeschool parents who are looking to create a strong foundation in phonics. This set includes workbooks as well as access to the HoP online learning portal.
  6. Hooked on Phonics Spelling Program – Spelling Bee here we come! The Hooked On Spelling program is no exception to the quality of Hooked on Phonics programs and teaches spelling in a way that’s unique and fun at the same time.
  7. Alphabet Posters for Homeschool Walls these are fun because your child can color them. Print them out in a larger size that fits your homeschool classroom wall, or paste a smaller size into a file folder for a portable visual. These can also be printed in flashcard size.
  8. Maestro Classics Musical Stories Set – This 12 CD collection features perennial classics you’ll remember from childhood like Peter and The Wolf, The Nutcracker, and The Tortoise And The Hare. Each disk also includes activities to complete for students after they have finished the story.
  9. Times Tales Animated DVD – Times Tales is one of the best ways to teach kids multiplication – period. One mom said, “Best money spent on math. It really worked. Within a week my 9 and 11-year-old completed 110 problem text with scores of 99% and 100% respectively. Wow.” Audio, visual, logical – what’s more to ask?
  10. Reusable Sticker Sets – Reusable sticker playsets are an amazing way to create a hands-on learning experience in your home, classroom, or anywhere. Teach kids about the world, animals, people, and more – and make it stick (literally!) – with these fun sets. They’re great to keep little hands and minds busy while you’re working with older children.
  11. Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks: 40 Piece Set – Tegu blocks are the wooden magnetic blocks that are captivating children’s attention worldwide. Aside from being an outside-of-the-box toy, Tegu cares about creating social good and hires workers in Honduras to create these wonderful toys. Plus they plant a tree with each purchase. 🙂
  12. Don’t’ FORGET! You’ll also want to check out all the latest sales and freebie announcements on my social media and via email. Those are timely and you have to act fast, so don’t miss them!

Try any of these back to school printables and resources in your homeschool? Did you like any of them? Do you know of any that I’ve missed in my collection?

Free and Frugal Back to Homeschool Printables and Resources: The ULTIMATE List