Here is a list of free homeschool videos, printables, and more that you can use to teach a unit study on biomes (Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 1). These resources are updated with links provided by readers and visitors, and only the best are added to the list below. If you’d like to add a link, scroll to the bottom, and I’ll judge it’s usefulness versus it’s cost and add it to the list soon!

Recently updated 4/20/2017

Free homeschool unit study printables resources videos for classical conversations cycle 2 week 1 biomes

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Best map out there for showing biomes on a map of the United States and the world (not free, but only $1.49 for the sample page)

Fast and cute video, child must be able to read fluently or must be read aloud

This video is descriptive, informative, good visual representation, but difficult vocabulary for younger children that may need to be explained

Create a biome in a bottle

Complete unit study with facts, worksheets, project ideas (must have a subscription plan  which is $20 per year)

“This is my Biome” music video – Minecraft parody – not really very educational: talks about kissing

“My Biome” music video – good facts included, educational lyrics sung to “I’m Coming Home” music by P. Diddy

Complete Cycle 2 lapbook of memory work for all 24 weeks of Classical Conversations curriculum, includes biomes in Week 1. We love these lapbooks, as we follow CC’s history and geography curriculum here. Not free.

Biomes Posters and Fold-Ups” by the Science Penguin. The fold-ups are great for science notebooks, posters, or lapbooks! Can be used for student research and presentations or note-taking. Not free.

“Explore the Biomes” Series by Kay Jackson. Check these out at your local library – they’re excellent.

Ecosystems HD for iPad. Not Free.

Mission: Biomes – Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to investigate biomes, then test your knowledge about the biomes by completing each mission.


Introduction to Biomes video – beautiful, but child must be able to read fluently, or else you need to stand by to read aloud.

Biomes video – child must read well and fast!

Biome map coloring and activity sheet (key is located at very bottom)

Biome note-taking page (scroll to find it)

7 Land Biomes video – not the best one out there, some misspellings, but still informational, child must read well

Biomes of the World informational site for kids, interactive learning

Make a tabletop biosphere: use these ideas/pictures as a starting point to make your own – instructions not included