These easy-prep, FREE alphabet worksheets for preschool include a variety of fun ways to practice the alphabet with your child. It’s a great way how to teach letters to pre-K!

Free Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool

Free Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool

I always love finding great resources such as free alphabet worksheets for teaching ABC’s to my preschoolers. My 4-year-old is currently working through¬†the alphabet right now, learning his upper and lower case letters, and I absolutely adore this freebie! I think you’ll like it too! Of course, my affiliate links are included in this post, but in spite of the fact that I earn commissions (see my disclosure), I still would share this with anyone and everyone!

You can download the free alphabet printables by clicking here now. These alphabet activities include:

  • Traceable letters
  • Letter coloring
  • Beginning sounds
  • Letter find
This free alphabet worksheets pack requires no special materials. It's complete, simple, and easy to prep! Just print it out and you're ready to go! Click to Tweet

Ways to use them:

  • You can easily print these out and put them into a binder. Use plastic protective sleeves and dry erase markers to use these worksheets over and over again!
  • Set these out in a work bin or busy box, along with some crayons, markers, or pencils. Your preschooler will enjoy working independently, or by your side, to practice their new alphabet skills.
  • Cut along the lines to create flashcards and activity cards that keep short attention spans interested and engaged.
  • Let the little one practice letters with a big brother or big sister. They both will enjoy it – partner work is fun for the little one, and gives a feeling of responsibility and “expertise” to the big one.
  • Use these as “morning work” to start the day and keep little ones busy while you are setting up the older ones for schooling.
  • Use these as review sheets at the end of preschool or kindergarten.

Free Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool

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If you’ve been looking for the perfect practice sheets, these pack a huge punch. Each sheet includes several activities meant to improve children’s letter recognition, letter formation, and letter-sound relationships.

These were created by my friend Jenny at The Relaxed Homeschool. She let me use them with my son who was three at the time. My preschooler loved going through them with me, one at a time, while his two big sisters did their schoolwork. He felt like he was having fun, but it gave him confidence and an early love of learning. In effect, these sheets introduced him to his first experiences doing “big kid” schoolwork! He loved them.

If you try these out, let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you have any other ideas for how to use these? How do you plan to use them in your preschooler’s homeschooling?

Free Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool