Free A Beka K4 lesson plans for creating a homeschooling outline that spans the entire year and perfectly compliments A Beka’s curriculum.

A Beka’s K4 Homeschool Curriculum – My Review

As a parent who embarked on the journey of homeschooling with great enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge, I decided to start my child’s educational journey with A Beka’s K4 homeschool curriculum. After years of using this curriculum, I am pleased to share my personal review of the experience.

Comprehensive and Well-Structured

A Beka’s K4 curriculum is impressively comprehensive and well-structured. It covers a wide range of subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and Bible. This comprehensive approach allowed me to provide my child with a well-rounded education from the comfort of our home.

Clear Lesson Plans

One of the standout features of A Beka’s curriculum is its clear and detailed lesson plans. As a busy mom who wanted clear and easy steps to follow, I greatly appreciated the guidance provided in each lesson plan. The step-by-step instructions made it easy for me to understand what to teach and how to teach it. This structure helped me maintain a consistent and effective teaching routine.

Engaging Materials

The curriculum includes colorful and engaging materials, such as textbooks, workbooks, and flashcards. These visually appealing resources captured my child’s attention and made learning more enjoyable. The use of vibrant illustrations and age-appropriate content helped keep my child engaged and eager to learn.

Strong Phonics Emphasis

A Beka’s phonics program is renowned for its effectiveness, and I can attest to its success. My children’s phonics skills developed rapidly, and they started reading simple words and sentences much earlier than I expected. The systematic approach to phonics instruction instilled confidence in my children’s reading abilities.

Christian Values

Being a Christian homeschooling family, I appreciated the incorporation of Christian values and Bible lessons throughout the curriculum. A Beka’s commitment to promoting Christian principles aligned with our family’s beliefs, and it allowed me to reinforce moral and ethical values in our daily lessons.

Teacher Support

A Beka offers excellent support for homeschooling parents. Their customer service is responsive and helpful, and they provide additional resources like teacher guides, video lessons, and assessment tools that can be invaluable for homeschooling success.

Challenges and Adjustments

While A Beka’s K4 curriculum has many strengths, it’s worth noting that some components may be more challenging for children with different learning styles. Some children may require more hands-on activities or a slower pace. As a homeschooling parent, I had to adapt certain lessons to suit my child’s unique needs (one of my children struggled with dyslexia and dysgraphia), but the flexibility of the curriculum made this possible.

In conclusion, my experience with A Beka’s K4 homeschool curriculum has been overwhelmingly positive. It provided my child with a solid educational foundation while allowing me, as a parent, to be an active and engaged participant in their learning journey. The curriculum’s comprehensive content, clear lesson plans, engaging materials, and a strong emphasis on phonics and Christian values make it an excellent choice for homeschooling families. With the necessary adjustments to meet individual learning styles, A Beka’s curriculum can help lay the groundwork for a successful homeschooling experience.

Free A Beka K4 Lesson Plans: A Homeschooling Outline

You are welcome to download these planning and scheduling templates for use alongside the {affiliate link –>} A Beka K4 curriculum. They are a very popular download on this site over the years, in spite of their longevity! Recently, I decided to update them. The following is my description of the files from 2010. But, this article includes the download for the new (and the old) versions of my files. I hope you enjoy them!

Free A Beka K4 Lesson Plans: A Homeschooling Outline

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Originally published in 2010. Updated 2020.

I am planning this year’s curriculum for my 4 year-old, and I am almost finished! I’m planning just the first 6 weeks of school first, and then I will tackle the rest later. I’m off to a good start!  We’ll begin K4 this year with my daughter, and am going to use A Beka primarily. Specifically, we will use Reading/Writing/Phonics, Math, and Bible, with a few other things thrown in here and there.

These are just my own personal files, they’re really nothing special. However, I am sharing these personal planning sheets with you, in case you might like to copy them and use them for yourself.  Of course, I made these with A Beka curriculum {affiliate link} in mind, but you may find them useful for your own choice of curriculum.

There is plenty of space under each subject for jotting down ideas, related activities, and anything else you might need to write there. I have them in a 3-ring binder, in order by date. I keep the backsides of each sheet blank for jotting down more ideas.

4-Day A Beka Preschool Plan

So, that’s what I’m using for daily lesson planning this year! We’re following a four-day schedule. Day 5 is left open for catch-up, assessments, field trips, or just my “cleaning day.” A Beka begins “seatwork” in Lesson 83, so there are two sets of planning sheets. However, in my own personal opinion, I don’t really think the seatwork is necessary. I doubt I will even use those pages. They just seem like busy-work to me! I don’t want to be sitting at the kitchen table all day long, after all.

A Beka is a solid curriculum, especially in phonics, writing, handwriting, and spelling. I will probably use it until my child is able to read fairly independently. After that, we’ll choose a more relaxed curriculum that doesn’t include quite so many worksheets. Also, it’s an extremely expensive curriculum, so you’ll want to scour your local discount homeschool curriculum facebook groups to buy gently used.

Free A Beka K4 Lesson Plans: A Homeschooling Outline

This is an older freebie, but it’s still available for my current subscribers to download. I hope you enjoy!


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