I’ve been using ABC Mouse as a homeschool preschool curriculum for over a year now, and I love it.  I think you will too.  It’s one of those things that are actually well worth the money, or I wouldn’t be writing about it.

Fun and Easy Independent Preschool Learning Activities during Summer ABC Mouse

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My Review and Recommendation of ABC Mouse

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I love ABC Mouse for my children.  I used it last year for Lily and although I had to drop it temporarily due to lack of funds, I do plan to add it back again this year after Christmas.  Lily LOVES ABC Mouse and begs to play it all the time!  The games and lessons are engaging, colorful, and packed with educational value.

As a previous Master level public school teacher and preschool lead teacher, I can vouch for the completeness of the educational program on ABC Mouse.  There is not one thing on the program that I can complain about as a waste of time or what I like to call “fru-fru busy work.”  I can let Lily play to her heart’s content, and not feel worried at all that she’s wasting valuable constructive playtime.  And it’s a great way to keep her busy when I need to work one-on-one with her 4th-grade sister in peace and quiet for a little while.

I believe that even though ABC Mouse is not a FREE resource for homeschool, it is well worth it’s cost.  Just my honest opinion.  Yes, there are other free options out there.  But unlike other options, ABC Mouse is, in my opinion, complete, dependable, and unquestionable.  I will probably be a happy customer for at least a couple more years (my youngest will be ready for it by next year).

I hope you enjoy ABC Mouse too!  What are your thoughts?



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