By now, you’re getting an idea of how I plan my homeschool year with multiple little ones in this series. I have an 8 year-old, a soon-to-be-5 year-old, a soon-to-be 3 year-old, and a 2 year old I will be schooling this coming year, 2014-2015. Plus I’ll have a toddler hanging around with us! I am going to be busy, and so I’ve begun planning the year.

daily and weekly lesson planning for multiple homeschooled children - how to

Step 3: Use your Pacing Guide to Easily Make your Weekly or Daily Plans

When I say, “I already have the whole year planned out,” it’s true. I do. And it really didn’t take me all that long to do it. I’ve spent a total of maybe 6 hours total, and that includes writing out these blog posts about it as I’ve been doing it!  I’m talking about my pacing guides, which is basically my whole year planned out in advance.

When I say I’ve planned for the year, what I mean is this:  I’ve already got my calendar of school days set and a daily schedule written out. I’ve got my pacing guide written for each subject for each child.


Now, comes the amazingly simple (now that I’ve done the rest) part: Making a more detailed, weekly or daily plan.  Now, don’t freak out on me.  It’s really manageable, I promise.  It will take me no more than an hour per week, for 4 children.  I’ve already written a weekly plan for the first two weeks of the year, since I have decided to start school on August 7th this year.  You can do it too!

The detailed planning is what overwhelms most people. But it doesn’t have to seem like such a chore. I sit down, once a week, usually on the weekends, and plan out a week at a time. I look at my pacing guides, and write down in more detail the things I want to teach my children during the week. If needed, I grab the materials, print out resources, etc. in order to be prepared. I prefer a weekly plan, but many people like a daily plan or a monthly plan.

You can go to your local dollar store and purchase a general planner. Or, if you want to spend more money, buy one from a local educational store, office supply store, or online such as The Well-Planned Day (a beautiful one that I love and use every year!). If you want a free one, go here for LOTS of free homeschool planners, templates, and samples, and pick one you like. Download it, print it out, and begin using it immediately!

~~~~~You can download my homeschool planner if you like!~~~~~

What’s your favorite daily planner?