Creating a homeschool plan for multiple children can be tricky! Here are tips for planning and scheduling the various ages and grade levels.

Creating a Homeschool Plan for Multiple Children

Creating a Homeschool Plan for Multiple Children

Planning your homeschool year with multiple little ones? If you have multiple grade levels in your homeschool, you are going to be BUSY, and so it’s a good idea to start planning the year a little early. One way to do that is by using a pacing guide. I’ll explain.

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Use your Pacing Guide

Want to be able to say, “I already have the whole year planned out”? It sure would feel great, wouldn’t it? It really doesn’t take all that long to do it using a pacing guide! Spend just a few hours, and plan a whole year in advance.

You could already have your calendar of school days set and a daily schedule written out! First, figure out your calendar for the year. How many days will you homeschool? How many months? Will you homeschool during a typical public school calendar, or will you follow your own schedule? Are you a year-round homeschooling family?

Homeschool Pacing Guide Template: Planning Your Own Course of Study

Less Overwhelm

Once that main decision is made, then write your own pacing guide for each subject for each child. A pacing guide is simply this: making a more detailed, weekly or daily plan. It gives you a great overview of the whole year, month, or week. In addition, it’s really manageable.  After your pacing guide is written out, use it weekly or daily to make quick lesson plans or assignments. It makes planning a breeze. Set aside just a few minutes daily, or about an hour weekly, to jot down your daily or weekly plans following your pacing guide.

The detailed planning is what overwhelms most people. But it doesn’t have to seem like such a chore. I prefer a weekly plan, but many people like a daily plan or a monthly plan. I sit down, once a week, usually on the weekends, and plan out a week at a time. I look at my pacing guides, and write down in more detail the things I want to teach my children during the week. If needed, I grab the materials, print out resources, etc. in order to be prepared.

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Free Homeschool Planner Printables

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