Mmmmm… the picture of heaven.  A delicious banana split complete with all the traditional toppings, only lower-fat and lower-sugar versions.

Have you ever just sat and enjoyed something a little extravagant?  The ingredients for this banana split cost me about $25 (that’s more than I spend in a whole week on groceries sometimes!!!).  I bought fat free ice cream, fat free whipped cream, and fresh fruit instead of sugary toppings, and did NOT have coupons!  You guys know that the “healthy” stuff is always more expensive, so buying that stuff took some determination on my part.  But man, it was good.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s ok to splurge every now and then.  It’s easy to go a little overboard when you’re living frugally and never treat yourself to something special.  When you’re saving your family so much money, it’s ok to reward yourself sometimes (within reason).  I just thought it would be fun to share this little confession with you guys, who probably think that I never buy anything NOT on sale.  So, now the secret’s out… I do!

What have you splurged on lately?  Wasn’t it worth it?