This cute poem about Christmas cookies for Santa would be fun to use as copy-work or a read-aloud at Christmas time! Also, see below for a fun set of printables for big kids – perfect for your older grades homeschooled students who need something to do while the little ones are working on their Christmas printables!

Christmas Cookies for Santa Poem

This cute little poem can be read aloud with your children, recited in a Christmas play, or studied/memorized to learn about rhyming words and poetry composition. I hope you like it!

Christmas Cookies for Santa

I love cookies; They are fun to eat –

A crispy, buttery, sugary treat.

Sometimes chocolate chip and peanut butter, too;

There are even cookies that are good for you!

But to me, the sweetest cookies of all

Are the ones we bake long after Fall.

When winter is here and snow’s all around,

That’s when the loveliest cookies are found.

They are the cookies we share as treats,

And they are the cookies that Santa eats.

Sweet and frosted and covered with sprinkles –

The only cookies good enough for dear Kris Kringle.

We’ll set milk and cookies over close to the tree

On a table that Santa is sure to see.

I smile as I decorate those treats for Saint Nick,

And I can’t help but wonder which cookies he’ll pick!


If you loved that little poem, be sure to download the printable below and print it out (printing it directly from the screen will result in some messy ads showing up). Also, here’s my favorite Santa’s plate set (my Amazon affiliate link, please read my disclosure):

After reading the poem with your kids, print out these FREE games for older kids while the younger ones practice their handwriting by copying words from the poem, or the whole thing! I hope you enjoy!.


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