This working mom and previous school teacher provides a BJU Press homeschool (distance learning) review for those interested in knowing it’s worth.

Distance Learning with BJU Press - Is it Worth the Cost? A Review.

BJU Press Homeschool: Distance Learning Review

As a working mom AND homeschool mom, my time is valuable. Thankfully, distance learning with BJU Press makes it easier for me to use my time wisely. By implementing distance learning in my homeschool day, I’m able to monitor my kids’ education while also taking care of my daily obligations. This saves my time and sanity! Read my review to see why BJU is a valuable curriculum resource as a working homeschool mom. This review of BJU Press Distance Learning contains affiliate links: please see my disclosure for more information. But in short, I used BJU in my own homeschool, even before I became an affiliate with them. The opinions in this post are honest and true. However, I do receive compensation when you click through some of the links provided in this post.

It’s Convenient

Convenience is number one on my list. As I mentioned before, my time is valuable. If I can make my life easier, it’s worth it! Distance learning with BJU Press is so easy, it’s worth using. My middle schooler can simply sign in online and watch the video lessons. I can rest easy knowing she’s getting a quality education from the comfort of our home.

It’s Customizable

Since my daughter has unique learning requirements, using a customized curriculum is the key to her success. When ordering the online curriculum, I can click “customize my kit” in order to substitute the grades I need to. This means I can get the right reading curriculum that fits with my daughter’s ability. Because of her needs, this option is very important to our family.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

One of the things I love about homeschooling is the freedom to do schoolwork when it fits in our schedule rather than sitting at a desk during a traditional school day. Distance learning with BJU Press makes it easy to stay on-the-go while also squeezing in some learning time. If I want to take my daughter on a field trip, we can hop in the car and she can watch a lesson while I drive. When we’re at home, she can choose where she wants to work, from getting cozy on the couch to lounging outside during warm weather. Since BJU is mobile-friendly, she can pick a learning environment that works for her.

Curriculum for Any Grade or Subject

No matter how old your child is, there’s something for your family with BJU Press. BJU Press makes it so easy to find the right curriculum for your family. You can purchase an entire curriculum by grade or by subject, you can choose which format works best for you, and you can add or remove workbooks based on your need. It’s entirely customizable and is designed to fit your needs and make your life simpler.

  • Preschool Through High School – Curriculum starts with K3, which is for 3-year-olds. It continues for each grade level, all the way through grade 12! You can use this curriculum throughout your entire homeschooling career. Your kids will be familiar with the curriculum and you’ll know they’re receiving a quality education that prepares them for college and for adult life.
  • Shop by Grade – When shopping for curriculum, you can choose to purchase for the entire grade level. You’ll get everything you need for that grade, such as science, English, math, reading, spelling, and more!
  • Shop by Subject – If you want to start with a single subject, you can shop that way too! Simply select the subject you’re interested in and choose the appropriate level. It’s that easy!
  • Online, DVD, or Hard Drive Format – Depending on your family’s needs, there are so many ways for your kids to watch the videos. When you check out, you can choose your format. If your family is used to working online, you can choose to watch videos online! If you don’t want to be connected to the Internet, you can also choose to receive the videos on a DVD or download them to your hard drive.
  • Add or Remove Workbooks & Tests – Don’t want to worry about printed material? Then you can choose to remove workbooks and tests from your package. When you get to step 2, select whether or not to include these printed materials.

Now that you’ve seen all of the reasons I love distance learning with BJU Press, it’s your turn to experience the convenience for yourself! You’ll love how easy and fun it is for your kids.

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Distance Learning with BJU Press - Is it Worth the Cost? A Review.