Start the new year off on the right foot with printable Bible Verses about new beginnings: Great copywork pages for the month of January.

Bible Verses about New Beginnings: Copywork for the New Year

Sometimes it’s really hard to work in Bible lessons into our busy days. Homeschooling multiple children keeps us really busy, and if we’re honest, sometimes Bible takes a backseat to other subjects that feel more pressing at the moment. We gotta get in Reading and Math before soccer practice, but maybe Bible can wait until later…

Well here’s a quick way to include Bible in every homeschool day, whether it’s packed with activities and other subjects, or not. If Bible is a priority for you, but you struggle to fit it in, this quick. whole-family activity will help!

Sit down with all your children, for just 10-15 minutes per day, and study a Bible verse together. You could even do this around the breakfast table together! Read a verse, memorize it, and write it for memory or for handwriting practice.

Bible Verse Copywork Pages for January New Beginnings by TFHSM

Bible Verses about New Beginnings: Copywork for the New Year

Here are some Bible verse copywork pages just for homeschooling families (and anyone else too!) for the month of January. These are made with multiple ages in mind, so they’re great to use together as a whole family, one per week. I hope you enjoy them!

These Bible verse copywork pages are based on a theme: “New Beginnings.” The verses give us encouragement at the beginning of the year as we evaluate our homeschool and routines, set new goals, and begin fresh. January’s hustle to schedule and prioritize can be overwhelming, and these verses will be an encouragement. They will be great for all the children in your homeschool – there’s a set for each age/grade level, making it easy to discuss the verse, and work as a whole group around the breakfast table or in the schoolroom.

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Whole Family Bible Study

Included in this printable Bible verse copywork pack:

4 Bible Verses about “New Beginnings”

  • Genesis 1:1
  • Isaiah 43:18
  • Matthew 26:27
  • Psalm 40:3

4 Different Levels of copywork pages

  • Preschool/Early Primary tracing pages with a shortened version of the verse
  • Primary/Elementary Lined pages with an easy-to-read manuscript type to copy
  • Elementary cursive pages
  • Upper grades smaller lined pages with just the verse reference so the child can look the verse up and copy it directly from the Bible

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Printable Bible verse copywork for January

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Free Bible Verse Copywork Pages for January New Beginnings by TFHSM