In this character lesson for preschool, we’ll look at the Bible characters, Adam and Eve. In addition, we’ll discuss parts of the story that relate to moral values that we can teach our kids.

Bible Character Lesson for Preschool - Adam and Eve

Bible Character Lesson for Preschool: Adam and Eve

In our homeschool, we weave in character lessons as often as possible. I’m a huge proponent of character education with a Biblical worldview. How about you? Do you use lessons and resources to help you teach character lessons to your preschooler?

This article will be somewhat of a guide for homeschooling parents on how to teach their preschoolers about the Bible characters Adam and Eve. Specifically, I’ll explain the following concepts for parents who want to encourage godly character traits in their preschoolers/kindergarteners.

  • Why is the story of Creation important to teach to preschoolers?
  • What important character traits did Adam and Eve have? How did they behave? What was their relationship with God? What does God want us to learn about how to act based on what we know of the characters Adam and Eve?
  • What are some ways in which parents can teach their children the story of Adam and Eve?
  • Verses are referenced in NKJV.

Character Lessons for Kids from the Story of Adam and Eve

The book of Genesis is home to some very key lessons that we all need. It tells the beautiful origin story of our existence and reveals the intentionality that went into God’s thought process that led to us being here today.

The opening words in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” begin the greatest love story ever told. Later in Genesis 1:26, God says, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” We are products of a divine decision and intentional actions. We are not cosmic coincidences as many would have us believe, and we must teach this beautiful love story to our children.

About Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve bore the perfect image of God.  They were made in His likeness, and their obedience and open fellowship with God depicts a bond of love. They trusted God and spoke with Him regularly, without fear, shame, or guilt. (See Genesis 2: 15-18, 25) They delighted in His presence, and they diligently did the work that God commanded them to do. However, because of disobedience, we see where their characters later change, and they go from running to God with open arms to hiding from Him and trying to keep secrets from the God who knows everything. (Genesis 3:8, 9)

How Preschoolers can Relate

This behavior is often mirrored in our children. This is one of the reasons why we must have Bible character lessons for our preschoolers. If we can help them to understand the fight between the light and the darkness around us, the light representing the hand of God in our lives and the darkness representing the invasive nature of sin, then they will be better able to connect with us as parents.

  • Grownups have behavior/obedience difficulties too. If we tell them about grownups, who, when faced with difficulties, chose to hide from the only person who could help them, then we can use this same story to teach them that even when they fall or make mistakes, hiding the truth is never the solution. In the same way that Adam and Eve trying to hide from their heavenly father had far-reaching consequences, we can creatively demonstrate to our preschoolers that trying to hide from God or their parents is unsafe as well.
  • A model for the relationship between parents and children. We should use the relationship that Adam and Eve had with God in the beginning to model the relationship that we have with our children. We should encourage open communication and foster an atmosphere of trust, love, concern for our environment and those around us. We should seek to be in harmony with our surroundings and with each other. At the same time, we are to delight in the presence of God. We should encourage our children to participate in wholesome, healthy Christian activities that bring glory to God and joy to their hearts. Obedience is not a burden, and this we see from the comparison between the life that Adam and Eve had in the beginning, and the life they had, the life we now know, because of the fall.

Ways to Teach a Bible Character Lesson for Preschool

Of course, the attention span of children is not the same as adults, and neither is their analytical abilities. So, we will have to be creative in our approach. There are some fun activities that we can use to incorporate these Bible character lessons for preschoolers.

  • Children’s Bibles – Reading the story from a children’s Bible or Bible storybook.
  • Videos – Watching videos about Biblical truths.
  • Coloring Activities – Using a Bible character coloring book, where we can share the story of Creation while having them use their imagination to bring life to the pictures on the page.
  • Songs – We can make up songs with or children, or find some on Youtube.
  • Games – play interactive Bible games with your kids.
  • Roleplaying – We can also do roleplays where everyone gets their own part with lines to say from the story. This way, they will be able to start learning important passages just by participating in the dialogue.

There are numerous ways to share God with our children, and it’s our responsibility as parents to ensure that they learn what the world will not teach them. We must teach about Bible characters and their interactions with God to our preschoolers, in their most formative years, so that they can learn that God made all of us. They can understand that He gave us rules not to harm us but to bring us joy. He prescribed a way of life that is in place for our well-being.

Toddler Bibles and Storybooks I recommend:

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