The best of the best free homeschool calendars!  Homeschool lesson planners, calendars, and schedules galore!  This list includes my GIGANTIC collection I’ve been researching and saving since beginning to homeschool in 2009. Plus, my own homeschool planner for you to try!

Free Homeschool Calendars: Huge Resource List for Frugal Families

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Once upon a time, I decided to create one of my first printables ever - my FREE HOMESCHOOL CALENDAR. I had no idea it would be such a hit, and would create thousands of annual requests for more!

So here it is, my free homeschool planner. I really hope you will enjoy it! I've used this planner myself for years. Originally, I couldn't find a planner I liked, so I made one for myself with all the basic features I wanted. Then, it kinda exploded and grew from there. Now I have a HUGE collection of additions for it and so many ideas for more to come.

You can download this free homeschool planner by following my email list. Simply subscribe, and you will have instant access to my freebies page - which also includes every other freebie I've ever created - download them all at once if you want to!

The Free Homeschool Calendar for Minimalist Homeschooling Moms

homeschool calendar The Frugal Homeschooling Mom Perpetual

I made this with frugal, minimalist homeschooling moms like me. It has several features that are attractive to practical moms on a budget:

  • It is perpetual, which means you can print it and use it year after year. The dates are blank so you can always use it, no matter what your start date is, and no matter what year it is.
  • Black and white pages are practical because it saves you money by using less printer ink.
  • Every year, I add new pages to it that perfectly compliment the previous year's updates.
  • There are so many styles to choose from, and I'm creating new ones every year (got a request? Message me on my Facebook page.)
  • The simple design leaves room for plenty of space for writing in your own details and plans.
  • Minimalist? You'll love it because it includes all you need, forever. No need to look elsewhere. I bet I've already created it here, and if I haven't, just shoot me a message on Facebook, and I'll gladly add it to my to-do list!

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50+ Free Homeschool Calendars

There are still a few of my old favorites, plus some new ones for 2019-2020!  The oldies but goodies have remained because they are good for use during any school year.  Thanks for stopping by!

If you'd like for your calendar or planner to be listed here, please let me know on my facebook page! P.S. - You can find tons more like this on my Pinterest boards. This post contains affiliate links.

Free Homeschool Calendars: 2019-2020

  1. Well, of course, I'd mention mine first (read all about it above)!  Download my FREE Frugal Homeschooling Mom Planner and Calendar. There are currently THREE versions - one for each year, and I continue to update the pages and add new stuff every year. There are over 100 pages now! Go check it out!

  2. 1+1+1=1's Trace and Color Calendar for Kids and Dot Calendar, plus grab her Calendar Notebook Covers

  3. 123 Homeschool 4 Me's Trace the Numbers Calendar and Homeschool forms for record-keeping and planning
  4. ALLterNATIVE Learning’s Weekly Learning Themes Planner
  5. It's Always Autumn's Mini DIY Photo Calendar – use your own photos!
  6. Loop planning made easy at The Country Homemaker
  7. Assign-A-Day (online assignment calendar)
  8. Aussie Pumpkin Patch printable pages
  9. Blooming Homestead's Printable Calendar – available in 3 different color schemes
  10. Monthly version from Busy Mom's Helper – a cool, half-sheet size
  11. Chart Jungle (one kid, or multi-kid, scroll down to “Homeschool Schedules”)
  12. Christian Homeschool Hub’s calendars and also lesson planning and record-keeping forms
  13. Confessions of a Homeschooler’s “manly” ones
  14. Creekside Learning’s Homeschool Planner
  15. Everyday Snapshots’ Homeschool Planner
  16. Five J’s School Year one (year at a glance)
  17. Free Homeschool Deals’ Student pages
  18. Free Printable Planner from Gluesticks – meal planner too!
  19. The Happy Housewife’s High School credit tracker
  20. Time Blocking by Hey Donna
  21. Highland Homeschool’s forms
  22. Homeschooling Hearts and Minds (weekly)
  23. Homeschooling Planning Pages by Homeschooling on a Dime
  24. Homeschool Skedtrack (online planner, calendar, and record-keeping)
  25. Homeschool Tracker (basic edition is free)
  26. Monthly Calendar Printables at iMom – just cute!
  27. Itsy Bitsy Fun's Coloring Calendar – another one that kids can color
  28. Create your own for under $1 by Large Family Mothering
  29. Learn Boost free all-in-one planner and grade book (online)
  30. Handprint Calendar by Learning Adventures – includes cute ideas for monthly handprint art
  31. Little House Living's Free Weekly Schedules – includes chores & shopping lists
  32. Calendar for Kids by Liz's Early Learning Spot – editable and can also be colored
  33. Mama Jenn (weekly and monthly)
  34. Color Fun! Printable Calendar for Kids by Mama's Learning Corner – great for any age, also don't miss her K-1st Grade Calendar Notebook and also a Preschool one
  35. Motherhood on a Dime’s Calendar Notebook for Kids (this includes the link for the current year! I love this one and have used it for years!)
  36. My Mardel Homeschool – online lesson planner
  37. Monthly Calendar by My Love for Words – rainbow colors
  38. Oklahoma Homeschool (kinda hard to find, but scroll down to “Schedule” to find them)
  39. The Organized Housewife's Calendar – with a to-do list
  40. Passport Academy (preschool and elementary)
  41. Quick Start Homeschool’s Free Household Binder Download (not homeschool-specific, but works)
  42. Editable Monthly Calendar from Sarah Titus – colorful font
  43. Short Stop Designs' Printable Calendar – portrait or landscape
  44. Calendar and Weekly Planner from Small Paper Things - simple and pretty
  45. Shneider Peeps' Weekly Planner Pages – a simple plan for managing multiple people
  46. Simply Charlotte Mason’s weekly schedule template
  47. Printable homeschool planner pages from Simply Vicki, coordinated for The Ultimate Homeschool Planner
  48. Teacher Files’ free printable monthly calendars
  49. Teachers Pay Teachers – search for “free calendar” or “free planner” etc. – there are tons of them!
  50. DIY Planner in 7 Steps by Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus
  51. Printable Organizers from Southern Melle
  52. The Vintage Homemaker’s Calendar/Lesson Planner


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