This post contains affiliate links.  I am proud to promote Family Christian Store, which has sponsored this post.  All opinions in this post are completely my own.  Read to the end for an announcement about a VERY SPECIAL SALE tomorrow!

I am very mindful of the fact that my children’s bedtime routines are something that they will remember for years to come.

I still remember my parents’ routines putting me to bed as a small child.  I have fond memories of my dad giving me a piggy-back ride to bed, and either my mom or dad reading a little devotional book called “Little Visits with God” – which I still have to this day, and have read it to my own daughter.

I know that the routines that we set as parents will often stick in the minds of our children as they grow up.  They will forget much of what we do, but those things that we commit to do, over and over, consistently, will hopefully be the things they remember forever.

That’s why I recently purchased a new devotional book for my 8 year-old, Laynie, at Family Christian store.  It’s called God’s Little Devotional Book for Girls.  We’ve read a few pages together, and Laynie loves it!  It’s sparked some very deep conversations between mother and daughter about life, friendships, and faith.  Do you see the little lamb in the photo too?  It’s a Pillow Pets Dream Lite, and it shines stars and the words, “Faith, Hope, Love” onto the ceiling when the light is turned off.  We got that at Family Christian Store too!

Family Christian Stores is having a special sale tomorrow, February 27th, in the children’s department!  It’s a special 1-day sale, where the entire kids’ department is 30% off!  You really should go check it out!  Not only do they have children’s Bibles, devotionals, books, and music/movies, they have toys, games, clothing, and all kinds of things that my children love.  They even have CURRICULUM!  Did you know that they sell Lifepac, Saxon, and Hands-On Bible Curriculum?  I’m not sure yet if curriculum is included in the sale, but if I find out, I will certainly let you know!