With the slew of budget-friendly homeschooling blogs and websites these days, it’s hard to sort through them all and figure out the most helpful ones.  I’ve done the hard work for you, and I’ve listed the best ones out there.  

The choices I’ve picked here are only the best educational resources around the web, in my opinion as a past  public school teacher.  You’ll find them sorted by educational level for now.  I hope to re-organize these one day in the future of this blog.  But for now, here ya go!

I go through these pages periodically and update/add things.  Let me know if you see a necessary edit or addition!

(Oh, and just to clarify – I taught BEFORE all the Common Core fiasco began, so although some of these resources may possibly be aligned with Common Core, it doesn’t mean I personally support it, but that I just think the educational value in the resource is worth something).