Counting to 10 Adam and Eve preschool lesson: teach numbers, one-to-one correspondence, & fine motor skills coloring, cutting, and pasting.

Adam and Eve Counting 1-10

Adam and Eve Preschool Lesson: Counting in the Garden of Eden

Counting to ten is one of those skills that preschoolers can learn almost exclusively through play. But when you need to introduce what the numbers look like on paper, it can become tricky for them. It’s hard to remember what numbers look like and to connect them to actually counting objects. Using a worksheet for counting and number recognition is the simplest way to help kids make that connection.

The following is the first piece of an Adam and Eve preschool curriculum I’m creating. It requires kids to cut out small apples (representing the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden). They count the apples, cut them out, and then glue them onto a page representing a number 1 through 10. It’s an engaging and fun way for preschoolers to get in a generous amount of practical knowledge, practice in counting and number recognition, as well as valuable skills in fine motor development. There’s even a cute coloring page thrown in, too!

There will be more pieces to this curriculum added later, so be sure to follow along! This curriculum will be hands-on, engaging, and promote a positive homeschooling experience for the child (and the parent/tutor!). It’s meant to be low-key, fast, and easy to put together, and requires everyday school supplies and household items.

Teaching Counting with One-to-One Correspondence

What does one-to-one correspondence mean? Well, it’s simply a technical term to describe what kids must do as they are learning to count. It means looking at an object within a group, pointing it out, and counting it while stating the number out loud or in your head, one at a time. In other words, such as in this activity, the child must hold an apple in his hand, count it aloud, then pick up another apple, count it using the next number in the sequence, until having successfully counted the whole group.

Counting using one-to-one correspondence is a good habit for children to begin early. It will help them succeed in future math skills such as counting larger groups, or adding by counting on, etc. It’s a logical early step in learning to count and is an essential skill to master.

The Lesson Plan:

  • Lesson Idea: In the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, children learn about the origin of sin and see a picture of what God means when he asks us to obey. They learn that the consequence of disobedience is to be removed from God’s presence, and the experience of consequences. Use this activity as an extension after reading the story of creation.
  • Purpose: Cutting and pasting provide fun fine-motor practice (which will come in handy as they eventually learn to write). Talking about the numbers and how they look with a parent or tutor helps the child begin to recognize the names of them as well as the actual counting of them.
  • Age: Preschool, ages 3-5, and kindergarteners who need extra practice with number identification, counting using one-to-one correspondence, fine motor practice, or practice in keeping attention for a short academic lesson.
  • Time Needed to Prep: less than 5 minutes
  • Time Needed to Teach: 5-10 minutes of time with the child, with a few minutes of independent work allowed

How to Teach an Adam and Eve Preschool Counting Lesson

The following instructions will guide you step-by-step in teaching number recognition and counting to ten with your child. Print out the page you wish to use with your child. You can choose the color copy or the black and white (saves on ink and allows the child to color the pictures).

Begin your lesson with the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, especially the story of when they chose to disobey God by eating the forbidden fruit. It’s found in Genesis chapter 3. Or, a better idea is to find the story in your child’s Bible or Bible storybook. At this age, the vocabulary in the Old Testament can be difficult for their short attention spans.

Toddler Bibles and Storybooks I recommend:

Next, place the paper in front of your child and talk about the number seen on the page. Describe it’s shape, points, curves, height. Finally, have your child color the number with any color crayon or marker. Ask them to repeat the number out loud to you several times to ensure they are understanding the spoken word with the printed number.

Cut out the apples on page six or page 7, and lay them out in front of your child. Note: If the child is already proficient with scissors, they may be able to cut these out themselves. A big brother or big sister could help too. If you use the black and white version, instruct the child to color the apples before cutting them (this adds another fine motor element to this lesson).

Give your child the small apples and allow him/her to practice counting them. Direct them to point to each apple (and even slide them from one side of the desk/table to the other) as they count out loud.

Finally, have the child pick up the apples using their pincer grasp (another great fine motor skill) and place them onto the tree printout (can also be colored if using the black and white version). The child then uses a glue stick to glue them in place.

Depending on the needs of your child or the allowance of your homeschool schedule, these could be done as a number-of-the-day activity or a number-of-the-week activity. They are also great for supplementation of other curriculum programs where the child needs a little more practice in number recognition skills, counting, or fine motor skills.

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Adam and Eve preschool numbers lesson

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