We’re having so much fun sharing our reasons for homeschooling, following a letter of the alphabet per week.  A bunch of my blogging friends have shared, and we’re now at Letter H.  Here Hosannah explains why she homeschools.


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ABCs of Why We Homeschool I H is for Happy HomeWho can measure the happiness contained in the mind or heart of a human who finds the process of discovery attractive, the discipline of study necessary, and the outlet of creativity irresistible? Homeschooling allows for the time and flexibility to nurture each child according to their individual strengths, passions, and inclinations. We can cultivate an environment for learning that propels a young person to inquire, search, grow, and create for the benefit of life around them, and the example begins at home. There is no limit to the potential of a child when they are granted an upbringing that provides attentive, respectful, and encouraging guidance, along with the room to explore their personal interests. These are some primary ingredients for the making of a happy home, and a happy home is where you’ll find a happy student.

~Hosannah Rodriguez, from Let’s Learn, Kids!


This post is part of my Why We Homeschool series.  I hope you’re enjoying these posts from my homeschool blogging friends!

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