Tina hopes her children grow up to be Global Godly Graduates.  Here she explains why she homeschools.

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ABCs of Why We Homeschool I G is for Global Godly Graduates“Okay, so our kids are not graduates yet… but one day they will be. When that time comes not only do we want them to have a secular education but a Global and Godly education, as well.

I think our family is working in this direction. We live abroad in Mexico and last year we spent a month in Belize. Next year we are planning a trip to Central America. We are on the move to being a global-minded family!

We spend 12 to 20 hours each week in our Bible ministry, besides our Bible meetings and family worship. Our kids are learning to put God first in their life. That is one reason we sold everything and left the US, two years ago. We work on being Godly every day. Sometimes we fail, but we will keep trying!

Thanks to homeschooling, we can work hard to help our children be Global Godly Graduates.”

Why Homeschool? Global Godly Graduates!

Tina’s kids do cool stuff like go on family field trips on a volcano! Photo used with permission.


~Tina Marie Ernspiker, at Los Gringos Locos, lives in Mexico with her family of six. She keeps busy with homeschool, travel, and her Bible ministry. She loves photography and writing, so she blogs. Her family is a little nutty but nutty is never boring and always an adventure. And she loves adventure.


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