Elizabeth shares a free printable to use while you’re homeschooling with a purpose of finding what sparks an interest in learning for your child.

ABCs of Why We Homeschool I D is for Delight Directed DiscoveryI challenge you, set a timer for just 2 minutes and write down just three things that delight each of your children or that they’re passionate about. Next, jot down an idea of how you can fan that spark this week.

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tfhsm abc why homeschool Delight Directed Discovery Printable

Click here to download the free printable!

Elizabeth Bennett was homeschooled herself and spent her first 19 years traveling with her family and ministering to homeschoolers all over the country. Now, 14 years later her life experience has given her a unique perspective on homeschooling both past and present. She and her husband Joe are now homeschooling their 2 terrific kids and are the co-owners of Homeschool Manager, the simple online solution for scheduling, record keeping and reporting. They are on a mission to bring hope, simplicity and flexibility to homeschooling families!


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