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No matter what the budget, there are certain things you’ll always be able to find in my junk drawer.  So come on in, step into my kitchen and open my lovely junk drawer.  In addition to the normal pens, pencils, scissors, toddler barrettes, hair brushes, big-kid ponytail holders, tape, and batteries, Here’s what you’ll find:

Super Glue


I use this stuff nearly every day!  Just today, for instance, I used it to glue Laynie’s belt which had split apart (yeah, it was a plastic belt).
Super Glue, the gel kind is best – $2.44

Sharpie Twin Tip Marker


Such a brilliant invention, these markers are considered a staple in my junk drawer.  I use them to label sippy cups (did you know that with just a little rubbing, the marker rubs right off?), to label bottle cap lids (who wants 2 year-old backwash in their water bottle?  Not me!), and to mark snacks with serving sizes (so my 7 year-old knows she can only have 11 Doritos at a time and doesn’t consume the whole bag in one sitting).
The “Twin Tip” is practical – saves space cause you only have to store one marker instead of two (or in my case, 5 instead of 10 LOL) – $2.06

Baby Wipes


Yes, it’s also a kitchen must-have.  We do school at the kitchen table, which is very convenient and within reach to the junk drawer.  Used for painting messes, coloring messes, squished playdough, wiping snot, cleaning our dry erase board (it never gets clean enough for me if I wipe it with a dry cloth), and even wiping bottoms.
Huggies Simply Clean are my favorite. 

Sticky Notes


Lots and lots and lots of these things.  I jot my “To Do’s” on sticky notes.  Then, when I’ve done them, I throw them away.
I run all my errands in one day (saves gas).  Yeah, tomorrow I have three places to go after my MOPS group meets.  But it’s ok, cause I’ll grab my sticky notes, stack them in order of where I have to go first, then next, etc., and it keeps me from forgetting where I’m going next when one of the kids in the backseat distracts me.
Super Sticky Notes – $3.99



Because you just never know when you’re gonna have to clean a child’s ears (they’re not recommended for that use ya know…)
But there are so many other uses for them too!  They make great paint brushes for toddlers!  And they’re awesome for cleaning junk from the corners of the dishwasher door…
Cotton Swabs – $2.69

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Postpresso.