This HUGE Literacy Bundle for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade is a hit with my kiddo, and I think you’ll like it too!

Printable Literacy Bundle Pre-K Kindergarten 1st 2nd grades plus freebie

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My Lily is now five years old, and she’s learning her letters, letter sounds, and reading and writing her first 3-letter words. We’re doing a very unstructured preschool at home this year, and I’ve found that she really enjoys worksheets that allow her to trace, write, color (and then her favorite thing is to cut out her work, and glue it onto construction paper – not usually in the instructions, but hey, it motivates her and she loves it, so why not?)

Jenny at The Relaxed Homeschool has just released her Literacy Bundle, and I thought I’d share it with you. My experience as a previous preschool teacher and public school teacher makes me kinda picky about what I use. I really love this pack! These links are my affiliate links, by the way. When you click them, I get a small commission. I was privileged to try out her bundle earlier this week, and Lily is really enjoying it so far! We are working on some of the Kindergarten and First grade leveled pages.

You can try this pack out for just $9.95 right now! It’s really a great deal because of ALL the resources that are included! Goodness, just take a look:

Preschool Literacy Pack:

* Coloring Letters

* Tracing Letters

* Letter Find/Letter Recognition

* Finding Objects With beginning Sounds

Kindergarten Literacy Pack:

* Letter Tracing

* Beginning Sounds

* Coloring Sheets

* Tracing Sheets

1-2nd Grade Pack:

* Ending Sounds

* CVC Words Missing Vowels

* Syllables

* Short Vowel Sounds

* Rhyming Words

* Blends & Digraphs

* Ending Sounds (2 letter)

* Writing The Correct Word For Each Picture

* Completing Sentences

* Correcting Common Sentence Errors

* Editing and Re-Writing Sentences

Not only do you get all of the above, but there’s also a FREEBIE! Even better, right? (You know me…)

BONUS 48-page Sight Word Printable Pack

*Sight Word Flash Cards

*Sight Word Search and Find

*Sight Word Build A Word

*Sight Word Dough Mats