Here are 10 Highly Recommended Resources for Free Homeschooling Worksheets!

Greetings! I am Brenda from Schooling a Monkey and I am excited to be posting here at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom!
I’ve homeschooled for 6 years now, and I’ve discovered
something about many homeschool workbooks- you don’t usually need them! I’ve
spend hundreds of dollars on school books for my girls that I didn’t need to
The Internet has made it so easy to homeschool for less.
Teachers, other homeschooling parents, and education sites have all created
thousands of activities and free resources online that you can use to teach
your children for practically nothing.
We still buy our core subjects (mainly grammar and math)
through traditional curriculum, but for everything else, we look for free
printable worksheets. You can find free worksheets and unit studies on almost
any topic imaginable, and for any age K-12. We like to use online worksheets
for math drills, writing practice, spelling, science, social studies, critical
thinking, and more! is the first site I found for printable
worksheets when my daughter was in pre-K. All you have to do is create a free
account and you have access to all of their free worksheets. I like how you can
select between grade level, subject, and even the specific concept you are
trying to teach.


Pinterest has rapidly placed itself as the number one
resource for finding anything on the web. Searching for free worksheets is easy
using Pinterest. I like to use Pinterest to find specific themes for
worksheets, such as pirates, apples, or flowers.

School Express

School Express offers over 17,000 free worksheets for
parents. The site is a bit clunky, but you can select worksheets based on
age/grade, subject, or concept. I particularly like their geography and history
sheets, since many other sites focus less on these topics.

TLS Books

TLS Books offers standard subjects on reading, writing,
math, etc.; but what I like best about TLS Books are its holiday-themed
worksheets. The site even offers worksheets for silly holidays, like Ice Cream
Day. You can also find worksheets suitable for multiple grades, which is
perfect for homeschooling families.

Soft Schools

Soft Schools offers worksheets that are auto-generated based
on topic or grade. This means you will never run out of options! Soft Schools
goes up through high school and even offers sheets for the more difficult
subjects, such as algebra 2 and chemistry. 

EZ School

EZ School offers numerous worksheets for grades PK to 12th.
The site offers unusual worksheets, such as worksheets for learning foreign
languages. The site also has a paid subscription option, to access the site
without ads. A full subscription also allows access to their online content
filled with games, tutorials, and other educational fun.

Great Schools

Great Schools offers content up through grade 5, and it
reminds me of the earlier version of I love how uncluttered and
easy it is to find worksheets for a variety of subjects and ages. Great Schools
also offers fun holiday-themed worksheets.


Like some of the other sites, ABC Teach offers a paid and
free version. The free version has over 5,000 free worksheets and activities
and also allows you to use a limited version of their create-your-own worksheet
tools using graphics and fun styling.


Teach-nology offers over 8,000 free worksheets for ages K-12.
My favorite worksheets from Tech-nology are the critical thinking sheets and
research sheets, which are often overlooked on other sites.  The sites also has an amazing collection of
science worksheets.

Make Your Own

When pre-made worksheets fail you, make your own! I love to
make printable worksheets using PicMonkey (my favorite are our worksheets for
learning about liquid
, static
, and nature
). PicMonkey (or any graphic design software) creates beautiful
worksheets that children love to use and you can include exactly what you want
children to learn and customize it to the curriculum you are using.
Those are my favorite
resources for free homeschool worksheets. What are yours? 

Bio: Brenda is a second-generation homeschooling mom to two girls (8 and nearly 2) and a professional writer. She blogs about homeschooling, frugal living, parenting, and crafts at her blog, Schooling a Monkey. Keep up with Brenda by following on Twitter or Facebook!