Planning – A 5-Year-Long Collection of the BEST Free Printables

The BEST of the BEST free printable homeschool planners and calendars available. Most of these are general ones that are good for use during any school year.

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Preschool Planners

Teachers Pay Teachers – search for “free calendar” or “free planner” etc. – there are tons of them!
Weekly Learning Themes
Preschool (and Elementary)
Calendar Notebook for Kids
Preschool Calendar Notebook
Variety of Planner Pages
Preschool with or without Subjects

Primary, Elementary, Middle and High School Grades Planners

Charlotte Mason compatible
Donna Young’s
Planning Pages
Workbox compatible
Create your own for under $1
Homeschool forms
Lesson Planner and Records
Household Binder
K-1st Grade Calendar Notebook
Unit Study Daily Planner
School Year Calendar (2015-2016)
Student Planner Pages
Weekly Planner
Weekly and Unit Study Planners
Homeschool Planning Pack
Calendars, Lesson Planning and Record Keeping Forms
Homeschool Planner Pages
Printable Planning Pages
High School credit tracker
Daily Log book
Multiple Children
Preschool and Elementary
6-Week Planner
Variety of Planner Pages
Schedule and Unit Studies, and More
Calendars, Planning, and more
Planning and Record Keeping
Daily, Quarterly, and more
Great for multiple ages
Daily, Weekly, Loop Scheduling
DIY Step by Step Planner

Homeschool Conference Checklist and To Do List WITH Note-Taking Pages: FREE Printable!

I’m getting excited for our state’s homeschool conference, NCHE Conference 2015: Thrive!  This year, I am thrilled to be on the official blogging team for it.  In preparation for the conference, I needed to make myself a checklist and to-do list so I would remember what to bring, and as I did it, I made one for you too!  Here it is!  (And a handy FREE printable so you can print these ideas out easily)


Hey visitors!!!  Guess what – I’ve made a new, updated version of this checklist!  Here it is, just click:

The Frugal Homeschooling Mom Free Homeschool Conference planning checklist note taking sheets and to do list b


Homeschool Conference Checklist:

The Thrive! Conference will be held in Winston Salem, NC May 21st-23rd
Scroll down to download your free printables!

Things to take with you when you go to a homeschool conference!

1. A Bag

  • Not just any bag, but a huge one.  A duffle bag or even a drag-behind luggage case or pull-along file cart will do.  It needs to have plenty of room in it for carrying not only the stuff you’ll bring with you, but the TONS of stuff you’ll pick up during the conference.  You’ll need something easy to carry all that stuff along with you throughout the day.
2. Electronic Devices
  • Bring your smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop computer if you want to.  You’ll want to snap photos, take notes, share things on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (For NCHE conference-goers, use hashtag #NCHE2015).  I’ll be bringing my laptop since I’m a blogger, but I’ll also have my handy tablet as well for social media and sharing my conference fun with others (follow me!).  Also, don’t forget a backup battery!
3. Old Fashioned Notebook and Pen
  • I will have these things as well, for jotting down notes and encouragement for future reference.  If you take nothing else – these are definitely a MUST.  For each speaker you sit in on, you are guaranteed to want to write something down, and you’ll hate it if you don’t have pen and paper.  Trust me.  My first year I attended, I was jotting notes in my conference program book.  There wasn’t enough space!
4.  That reminds me, you’ll definitely need a Conference Program Book.
  • For the NCHE Conference, you can find it already published here.
5.  Take your business cards if you have them.
  • They are so handy for when you meet new business contacts, or when you make a new friend.  You’re sure to meet all kinds of people, and you never know when you’ll need to quickly give them your contact information.  Plus, sometimes the vendor booths have contests for chances to win their products, and all you have to do is drop your business card in a bucket.
6.  Snacks/Gum/Mints/Water/Drinks (& Possibly even lunch)
  • For the NCHE Conference, there are lots of nearby restaurants and even some onsite concessions, but if you’re looking to attend the conference frugally (like me) pack a little cooler with plenty to keep you satisfied throughout the day.  You’ll be walking ALOT and will need food and drinks.  In between sessions, you’ll only get a 30-minute break, which is often the perfect time to run to a vendor booth to check out curriculum, and waiting in line for snacks might be a waste of time or may cause you to be late for the next session.  If your children are in the Children’s Conference program, you will only have an hour and 20 minutes to pick them up, eat lunch with them, and return them (and it’s during session times that you may not want to miss, so the kids may have to attend the sessions with you during that time).  So, you may want to pack lunch, too!
7. Comfort Items
  • Things like lip gloss, hand lotion, hand sanitizer (you will run into new and old friends, and shaking hands, holding handrails, touching elevator buttons, etc.), and facial tissues (for those especially inspiring speakers who make you cry!).  If you’re going to the NCHE Conference, take a sweater – it’s always so cold in the convention center for some reason!
8.  A Camera
  • If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet that takes pictures, you may want to take a camera.  You will make lots of good memories, meet lots of new friends, hear from wise and experienced speakers, and you’ll want to remember the inspiration and encouragement that you received at the conference.  Make sure you have your memory card and backup battery too!

Click the link below the image to download the printable version of this list plus all the extras included (scroll down):


  • The checklist for preparation
  • A Daily To-Do List (you write in your goals for the day)
  • Note-taking pages (3 styles: with or without graphics, lined or unlined)
By clicking the link below you’ll immediately be taken to the printable to download it.

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Download the FREE Printable Conference Checklist and To Do List

Is there anything I missed?  What would YOU bring to a homeschool conference?


The Frugal Homeschooler’s Freebie Printables Dilemma

Stop Ignoring Those Printable Homeschool Resources You’ve Downloaded

Frugal homeschooler's freebie printables dilemma: what to do with them?

If you’re like me, you’ve got homeschooling file folders on your computer’s hard drive with hundreds of downloaded freebie printables.  I could probably homeschool for free from now until my kids have graduated with all the free pdf’s I’ve accumulated over the past few years since I began homeschooling.  “I’ll save this for later” I say to myself, as I download yet another one.

And now, here I am, completely overwhelmed by them.  I don’t know what to do with so many.  It’s kinda like when I taught public school and I would be given a yearly budget to buy whatever resource books I wanted, so I would stock up on some great-looking reproducible books with all intentions of using them.  Then they would sit on the bookshelf, and I would forget all about them.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do:

I keep a look out on my favorite blogs (like Free Homeschool Deals) and Facebook groups (like Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping and Frugal Homeschooling Moms) for printables that are at the “perfect timing” for my 3rd grader, Laynie – especially seasonal ones that I am likely to use that week.  I usually look for the fun ones that shake up the days of monotonous workbook pages with some fun holiday/seasonal cut-and-paste, unit studies, or lapbooking/notebooking, or mini-book ideas.  We usually do those right away, and right now I’m watching and printing out Christmas ones (I always share the best ones on my Facebook page, by the way).

I constantly come across printables and downloads that are great for future use, but I’m not ready for them right now.  So I download them, and save them into file folders on my computer for later.

But I’m faced with a dilemma: I forget about them!  What do I do with these files and files of downloaded stuff?  The things like handwriting pages, math facts reviews, history mini-books, etc…  They’re great resources, and they’re just sitting there, forgotten.  And some of them are perfect for our studies right now.  It’s driving me nuts that they’re not getting used!

I’ve decided to set aside one day, once a month, to go take a glance at them.  I will pick one Math one, one English/Language Arts one, one Science one, and one Social Studies one, and go ahead and print them out.  Then, we will use them on days when we’re having a boring or frustrating day.  They’re going to go in a “Substitute Folder” (substitute in this case means a “substitute” for normal, a break from our daily grind).

Our “sub folder” will contain fun things for when I get tired and when I sense that Laynie needs a change of pace.

Today, I’m printing out a Leonardo da Vinci mini unit, a nonfiction printable mini-book to read and color, a copycat book about Presidents, and a lapbook template about fractions.  These are all old downloads that I have had sitting in my files for ages.  They will be fun on a pull-your-hair-out kind of day.

So how about you?  How do YOU keep from ignoring your printable downloads?  Or do yours, like mine, tend to get forgotten in the memory of your computer?