How to get clutter under control once and for all!

Free and Frugal Homeschool Organization Tips and Tricks

Tried And True Tips To Get That Clutter Under Control

Did you open your eyes one day and realize you had way too much stuff? Piles of this and that all over the house… How did it happen? Let’s not worry too much about that now, instead, let’s focus on organizing, sharing, trashing, and getting control of the clutter in your home. Create an organized, clutter-free home by using one, all, or a combination of the following tips. Read more

FREE Educational St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study & FREE Printable

Everyone knows St. Patrick’s Day as the day we dress in green and dream about leprechauns. But it is also a great day to honor the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. It is his day, after all! This FREE Unit Study provides everything you need to teach a lesson to your homeschoolers about the holiday. Read more