Why Homeschool? …Reason #18

Reason #18: Just Joining the Crowd

More and more families are realizing that the opportunity to homeschool is a valid option, and are jumping in on the fun. Homeschooling became legal in North Carolina in 1985, and as more and more people begin to recognize it’s benefits, it’s been a growing movement ever since. It’s been legal and recognized as a parent’s right in all 50 states since 1993. Today, about 4.5% of children are homeschooled in this state. During the 2008-2009 school year, there were a grand total of 41,042 children being homeschooled, according to the NC Division of Non-Public Education’s estimates. That’s the highest number ever. That would also mean that homeschoolers would make up the ­­­­­6th largest school district in the state: below Wake County (1stat 134,002), Charlotte-Mecklenburg (2nd at 132,281), Guilford County (3rd at 71,292), Cumberland County (4th at 52,885), and Forsyth County (5th at 51,351) but higher than Gaston County (6th at 32,583) and Durham County (7th at 32,455) (2007-2008 Department of Public Instruction Report).There are 2,476 homeschooled children in Forsyth County where I live, which would make it the largest “school” in the district, ranking above West Forsyth High School (1st at 1,975), East Forsyth High School (2nd at 1,880), and Mt. Tabor High School (3rd at 1,762) (2008-2009 report by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools).

Why Homeschool? …Reason #17

Reason #17: No Homework

I don’t believe in homework. Yeah, I know, shocking – because I was a teacher!!! Truthfully, I always hated the fact that I was required to assign it and hold my students accountable for it daily. I just don’t believe that after 6-8 hours at school, children should have to come home and work for another 1-2 hours at night or on the weekends. All that time in school should be more than necessary for a child to have to sit and work. Kids need to play and have fun. Children who spend long days at school need to have an enjoyable evening with their family, bonding, laughing, running errands, playing sports, or whatever the family wishes to do in their precious few hours together before bedtime. Parents who send their children to school shouldn’t have to homeschool – which is basically what they’re doing when they have to teach their children at night (because the teacher simply couldn’t spend one-on-one time with their child that day). I’ll admit that when I was a teacher, there were many days when I’d assign homework and hope that a parent could re-teach a concept for me, because I was well aware that a poor kid just “didn’t get it,” and the rest of the class simply had to move on anyway. I would desperately hope that the parent was patient with him and supportive at home, but many times, the parent would complain to me that their evenings were filled with tears and frustration. And I would feel pity and helplessness, because that’s not what I believe schoolwork or family relationships should be like! But, there was little I could do – my hands were tied by my administration’s time constraints, the needs of the other 25-30 kids, the endless hours of paperwork, and the ridiculousness of the standardized state testing. Teachers do the best they can, I know I did. But I really just don’t agree with the idea of homework. I recognize that fact would be a big problem if I sent my children to school, lol!

Why Homeschool? …Reason #16

Reason #16: Appointment Opportunity

Ok, so that reason may seem slightly insignificant to most people, but it’s one of those things that I hate to do… make a doctor’s appointment and have to schedule it months in advance so I can get in after 4:00. I want to go this week! (Yes, I like a lot of things NOW… but that’s just my nature, ha ha!) Doctors, dentists, hairdressers, will be a lot easier to schedule when you can go at any time during the day. You can also take advantage of cheaper admission prices at lots of field-trip or vacation places, because you don’t have to wait to go on a school holiday when everyone else wants to go too.