How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World

Ever been curious about how Christmas is celebrated around the world? It’s interesting to learn about how other cultures celebrate Christmas and how they do the Santa Claus tradition. This is a FREE resource to help your homeschooler study those things. (more…)

How Homeschooling Changes the Lives of Girls Rescued from Child Trafficking

Have you ever wondered what happens to a child after being rescued from human trafficking? Through Nicole’s story, you can get an idea of how a young girl can go from being a victim to a strong young thriver.

Spoiler alert – homeschooling plays an important role!


How Owning a Puppy Can Help Your Child Take on Responsibility

Owning a puppy not only teaches your child responsibility but respect, patience and more. They can learn life lessons by owning a dog, which includes loyalty, exercise, and sadly, even grief. For your child, having a puppy can boost their esteem, and keep them healthy and active.


11 Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Countless things tag at a mother, and sometimes you wish you had a third arm. The worst feeling occurs when you know you have been doing so much yet don’t feel productive. It feels like being trapped in an endless maze of duties from which there is no way out. But what can you do to ensure that you don’t get so overwhelmed?

Here are 11 Time Management Tips for Busy Moms


Money saving grocery tips you can’t afford to miss

Being a frugal mom, I always promote saving money at the grocery store. I use coupons and I shop for deals. Here are some money saving grocery tips you can’t afford to miss! (more…)

How to Teach Your Homeschooled Child Financial Literacy

When and how should children learn about financial literacy? What things should you teach your homeschooled child to ensure they spend their money wisely? (more…)