6 “Toys for Girls” that Boys Can Benefit from Too

Now that my little boy is growing up, I’ve been needing to buy him some “big boy” toys. We’re consigning the baby stuff, and investing in things like Legos, construction trucks, train sets, and Hot Wheels tracks. Sometimes he expresses interest in his older sisters’ toys, and I’m glad for it! Many of these toys are educational and developmentally appropriate. Here are some of my favorites. (more…)

Beanstalk KnowHow: “Growing” Business Understanding

What does a healthy business look like on the books? What do those financial statements actually mean? What about all the jargon your accountant uses? The Beanstalk KnowHow program gives you and your students the answers to those important real-life business questions. This is a homeschool mom’s review of an online business training program with the goal to educate about businesses; starting, growing, and selling one successfully. Read further to find out how you can get BeansTalk KnowHow with a special discount code!


Beans and Cornbread

You know what? Sometimes it’s just necessary to have some simple beans and cornbread. I have two favorite recipes that I’m sharing with you today. One is my go-to crockpot beans recipe, and the other is my favorite chunky cornbread recipe. (more…)

FREE State Homeschool ID’s for Back to Homeschool

I was inspired to create these printable homeschool ID cards for each state earlier last month, and it was quite a big task! I noticed that homeschool moms are always looking for cards they can print out and laminate and show to stores and businesses in order to get a teacher discount. There are a few free ones out there, but these are different – unlike the others that are out already – they are “generic.” They DON’T have a curriculum company or brand name attached to them. So you can use them with any co-op, membership, school name, or affiliation you may have! Now isn’t that nifty?


5 Things to Buy from the Dollar Store this 4th of July

You should buy these 5 things from the Dollar Store this Independence Day!

July 4th celebrations are right around the corner. It’s a chance for families to get together and celebrate. This means big parties, big cookouts, and tons of decorating! These celebrations usually come with a big bill! From the food to the decorations, it can get a bit expensive!

Things to buy at the dollar store on 4th of july independence day free frugal homeschooling