FREE Literature-Based Unity Study: Indian In the Cupboard

Free Homeschool Unit study for Indian in the Cupboard f

Are you reading Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks with your homeschooler? Then have I got the resource for you today! It’s a FREE Unit Study centered around the book. Find links to free printables, free educational videos, worksheets, lesson plans and more.

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Free Bible Video Course for Homeschooled Kids

Free Christian Video Course for Kids

Over Christmas, I told you about some great free videos for kids that share biblical principles for our Christian worldview. My daughter Laynie loved themĀ because they were so mesmerizing! I’m not kidding, the guy is an intelligent and inspiring storyteller and artist, and Laynie is completely enthralled. For a kid with dyslexia and anĀ interest in art and drawing, the Bible stories taught in these videos have really grabbed her attention and taught her Christian life lessons in a way in which other curricula haven’t reached her. You’ve got to give them a try!

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14 Colorful Springtime Crafts

14 Bright and Colorful Springtime Crafts for Kids - The Frugal Homeschooling Mom


Spring is in the air and we’re thinking about some fun springtime activities! Here are some really fun craft ideas to get you and your homeschooled kids into the springtime spirit. From flowers to blossoming trees, which one will you try out first?

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