How to teach your homeschooled child to write a paragraph

how to teach homeschool children how to write paragraphs

How to teach your homeschooled child to write a paragraph, using the “hamburger” method. This is a free lesson plan for your homeschool family. Also included in this post is a free printable graphic organizer for hamburger paragraphs.

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Top Five Things Homeschooled Preschoolers Should Know Before Kindergarten

Here is just a very basic list of what Math skills need to be covered before beginning Homeschool Kindergarten. Learning these things beforehand will prepare your child for an easier time in Kindergarten Math. Most children should be expected to master the following concepts by the end of their preschool years.




Top Five Things Homeschooled Preschoolers Should Know in Math Before Kindergarten

  • Shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, at least)
  • Colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, at least)
  • Numbers (can recognize at least 1-20, and can count to at least 20)
  • Vocabulary (should understand more/greater/fewer/less, inside/outside, left/center/right, above/below, same/different, long/tall/short, light/heavy, wide/narrow)
  • Money (can recognize pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, at least, and can at least count pennies)

These are just the basics. If your child is ready, by all means, teach him/her more. It certainly can’t hurt anything! But if you don’t, or if he/she is just not ready, then don’t worry about it. You’re not putting your child at a disadvantage if they can’t count to 100 or understand addition before age 5. Let them enjoy their childhood while it lasts, I say!

Do you really need a curriculum to teach these things? No, not really. I bought one to use with my first child, but not because I felt it was necessary to teach her the concepts. I bought ours (very cheap by the way) in order to get her into the routine of having school, and sitting and doing school work (she’s now in 4th grade).

With my other two (ages 4 and 2) – I’ve chosen NOT to buy a curriculum and they’re learning these things just fine from playing, watching TV, and from daily talking interacting with me.  These are things your child can learn using some of the most basic things around your house, and you don’t even need to be that creative to come up with ideas to teach these concepts!

Would you add anything else to this list?