Kindergarten Reading Skills Your Homeschooled Child Needs to Know

What your child needs to know before 1st Grade

Homeschool Kindergarten is an important year for your child. During this school year, your child will learn so much about math, reading, and writing. You will notice as the year goes on that your kindergartener’s reading skills will grow very quickly.

Although we work at our own pace as homeschoolers, you should still keep in mind that there are certain things that your child is likely to learn before 1st grade.  It’s important that you help your child learn the top reading skills of kindergarten. Here are a few that your child will definitely need to know before you move on to homeschool 1st grade.

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Preschool Reading Skills Your Child Needs to Know

Having a preschool reading checklist or guide to follow is a useful way to plan your preschool year. Use the following as a preschool year plan, or as an end-of-the-year evaluation for your homeschooled preschooler. It’s just a general idea of what you should cover in the year before Kindergarten.

Preschool is an important learning time for your child. Not only will they learn social and emotional skills in your home, but your preschooler will actually begin to learn a lot of foundational reading skills. They will need a good foundation in order to succeed in homeschool kindergarten the next year. Here are a few of the most important skills you can teach your child before beginning homeschool kindergarten.

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How to teach your homeschooled child to write a paragraph

how to teach homeschool children how to write paragraphs

How to teach your homeschooled child to write a paragraph, using the “hamburger” method. This is a free lesson plan for your homeschool family. Also included in this post is a free printable graphic organizer for hamburger paragraphs.

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